Creative entrepreneurs, we’re a special breed, aren’t we?



We want freedom, flexibility, the ability to do it all. And once it’s available to us, we are like deer in headlights.

Here’s what I know you need: Focus. Support. Accountability. Sounding board advice.

You want to get feedback from people who really are in the trenches with you. Because talking to your partner just isn’t cutting it anymore (and let’s be real, they just don’t get it either).

I built my masterminds for you.



Here’s what you get!

  • 10 weeks of major support long
  • Weekly Mastermind Calls for insane amount of accountability
  • A discount for any program I’ll launch in 2017
  • Weekly shout outs to hold you to your goals
  • Access to me and your mastermind group through Facebook
  • Biweekly 5 Office Hours (times where you can pop in and have a chat with me to ask me any questions

Programs are typically capped at 12 women.

Want to hear more?

Read what my past mastermind members have to say!


Kat Schmoyer

I love the accountability of the mastermind and my one-on-one time with Reina! The power-pod is super-motivating and having time in the hot seat was so beneficial for me. Reina is very encouraging and straightforward, and to be honest I would sign up for another round! This mastermind has been SUPER motivational for me to have others challenging and supporting me!

Due to this mastermind, I have hired a virtual assistant, been able to brain-dump and outline my e-course launch, even set a date for launch, and bought the course domain!


Cindy Maka

One word, support. Highlights are the support and love and the members of the group pushing each other. I’m so glad Reina did the power pods, I’ve really felt like I connected so closely with those ladies.

Accomplished?!?!! I completely changed my whole world! Change I have wanted to make for so long. I started in a completely different place and have grown into this place I know I’m meant to be. I’m making real change for my life and stepping forward toward my goals. I truly don’t believe I would be where I am today without this program. I have a long road ahead, but I am happier than I’ve been in a long time.


Abby Herman

The amazing women that Reina attracts to her programs tells you a lot about her as a person. I love the other women in the mastermind, who all follow Reina’s lead in supporting each other. I appreciate her ability to tweak, adjust, call out, help, lift up, and encourage all of us in the mastermind. She is totally there for all of us and she pushes you in all the right places!

I’ve been able to really think about where I want my course to go (and made adjustments along the way). I’ve also solved my problem of not knowing what to do when the program is done, so a special thanks to Reina for helping me find the right people to empower me! Yay!


Julie Painter

My favorite aspects of the mastermind were the 1:1 with Reina, the active but private Facebook group, and the feedback from the group. Reina is incredible! She is constantly checking in to know what everyone is up to and calls people out, which is just what we need.

This mastermind has helped me create, outline, and really dig into my e-course. I even have changed and niched my career path after just a few weeks with Reina!


Heather Pranitis

I think Reina is a phenomenal leader! I’m so glad I decided to join the mastermind and work with her. I like that Reina is able to shed a completely different perspective and/or outlook. Also she has an amazing ability to turn any situation into a great one! Also, the friendships I’ve made in this mastermind are something else. It’s so beneficial to have people from the outside looking in giving you constructive criticism.

I have much better clarity on the direction of my business and what I need to be doing. I wish the mastermind was longer!

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