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How To Choose A Coach

The perfect coach for you matches your communication style and your needs.
Look for the way that a coach relates to other people, their outlook on life, or their communication style.
It’s so important to jive with somebody.
You don’t want to invest your time or money and find out that it’s a bad fit!

Some people that you may meet who call themselves “coaches” are content experts
but they may not be trained to help to coach you to meet your goals.
When you interact with a coach you’re looking to hire,
feel comfortable asking them about their training and see if you like their answer.
Knowing content and being able to help a client implement it are two very different things!
Some coaches without formal training have the chops to deliver results for their clients;
whereas some may leave their clients feeling a lot to be desired.

I am a Co-Active Coaching trained coach and am fully certified by the International Coaching Federation.


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