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15 Minutes Closer to Building Your Successful Life – Visualize Yourself to Success

15 Minutes Closer to Building Your Successful Life – Visualize Yourself to Success

Do you often feel overwhelmed in your business? There are so many things to learn, decisions to make, and investments to make. Constantly feeling like you’re behind or that you’re not as “in the know” as somebody else can be frustrating. We often point our compasses toward somebody else’s outward success without taking into consideration what we want life to look and feel like.

You’re constantly spinning your wheels and feel like you’re frustrated that you can’t ever seem to catch up with what your peers are doing because you don’t actually know what you want to achieve. The quickest way of getting to a more fulfilled life is by stopping the external comparison and tuning into your own hopes. What do you actually want? What does success actually look like?

We’ve talked about another key piece in success in business which we believe is gratitude

Most people are willing to work hard, do the hustle and move their business forward but forget to slow down to assess if you’re even on the right track. To be heart centered in business, you have to be vigilant in reflecting and assessing if something is or isn’t working for you.

This visualization is helpful in clearing the mental clutter and slowing down enough to see the future potential life that you actually want.

When you visualize it, it’s one step closer to becoming your reality.

Top 5 Tips for Visualizations (for the Non-Woo Gal)

    1. Believe that taking the time to do this work will be worth it. You might think that slowing down for 15 minutes means you can’t read your email or check things off your to do list but this work is arguably more important than something you can get done later.
    2. Get to a space (mental and physical) that you can be still in. Getting mental clarity and having a little physical space will allow you to get tapped into this or any other visualization easier to be able to make the most of it.
    3. There’s nothing to get right. Go all in and don’t censor your thoughts. You don’t have to get anything correct or do perfectly in this visualization. So go all in and see what you see in the visualization.
    4. Take notes. Make note of what you see after the visualization. If you can go back to that particular image that resonated with you, you will be more likely to send energy to that and create an intention around achieving it.
    5. Do it every quarter. Doing visualizations at regular intervals allows you to see if any of your goals have changed and to shift your life in accordance to that.

Success isn’t determined by external forces. By tuning into what you want and need, you’re able to direct your energy and focus to move you closer to the things you saw in your visualizations. Without a direction, you’ll be pointing your arrow in too many places, ultimately making you feel frazzled, unfocused and depleted that you’re not ever making strides toward your goals.

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