Let's Grow Your Business with Heart!
At Reina + Co, we help creatives like you who have all the ideas and want help focusing on the most important things. We want to empower you with the tools you need to take decisive action that will help you to grow a business that's Fueled with Heart.

Vanessa Kynes

Reina is the ultimate cheerleader for life and business. She has made such a strong impression on me that I often talk to her in my head when facing certain business mindset questions. I know that so many people feel that way about her and I am conscious of her time, so I’ve cloned her in my head and ask myself, “What would Reina say to me in this moment?”

The Reina + Co brand is encouraging, balance, propelling.  Reina shines light in the dark corners of the entrepreneurial life. She encourages you to seek for the light and expose the areas that call you back to the corners.

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