Let's Grow Your Business with Heart!
At Reina + Co, we help creatives like you who have all the ideas and want help focusing on the most important things. We want to empower you with the tools you need to take decisive action that will help you to grow a business that's Fueled with Heart.

Haley Burkhead

Reina is changing the world. Her vision for her company, her followers and for making the world a better place is honestly inspiring. She seeks to serve and I’m so motivated by that as an entrepreneur, to think beyond myself as she does. The one question I associate with Reina is a question she asks every time we talk which is, “what can I do for you?” It’s refreshing to be honest and it challenges me ask the same to others. Reina is full of joy. She will move mountains for you. Reina is ultimately one of the best entrepreneurs I have met and I know with her drive, she is UNSTOPPABLE.

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