Team Sunshine


 Get To Know Us Better!


favorite candy: Haribo Gummy Bears + Watermelon Jelly Bellies
dream destination: Anywhere I can scuba dive in clear, warm, blue waters.
couldn’t live without: People to talk to (helloooo extrovert), sunshine, my kindle.
favorite food: rice, sweetgreen salad, falafel, Mexican
fun fact: I have seriously considered naming a child (if I ever have a daughter) Pineapple. 

Rachel Wortmann | Brand Strategist + Manager


favorite candy: York Peppermint Patties and anything with dark chocolate (because then it’s healthy, right?)
dream destination: Anywhere that boasts good food + coffee. My favorites I’ve been to so far have been Vienna, Istanbul, Athens + Bologna
couldn’t live without: Strong coffee (or espresso!), my passport + red lipstick
favorite food: sushi + mexican (but not together!)
fun fact: I’m a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts! 

Kaitlyn Kessler | Graphic Designer


favorite candy: Dark chocolate + caramel + sea salt = everything.
dream destination: I plan on living in Costa Rica one day!
couldn’t live without: La Croix (jk, sort of), being near the water, sunshine
favorite food: Chipotle?
fun fact: I’m terrified of balloons, it’s so embarrassing! 

Illiah Manger | Brand Designer & Creative Director


favorite candy: Most anything with dark, dark chocolate.
dream destination: I dream of visiting Japan, the land of gorgeous, beautiful paper.
couldn’t live without: earl grey lattes, squared Moleskin books, matte lipstick… quiet, close friends and creativity.
favorite food: French fries and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Raisin cookies
fun fact: My Boston Terrier, Hope, doesn’t actually live with us. She technically lives with my parents, but chooses me 90% of the time. 

Caitlyn Allen | Reina and Co Brand Coordinator & Creative Empire Podcast Brand Coordinator

favorite candy: Rebanaditas (Watermelon sucker dipped in Chile powder)
dream destination: Malta or Maldives
couldn’t live without: My planner
favorite food: Jaffa Cakes from Ireland
fun fact: I was a Boyscout. I was in Venturing which is co-ed boyscouts.