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Sustainability and Money: Finding the Balance Between Being “Heart Centered” and a “Business Owner”

Sustainability and Money: Finding the Balance Between Being “Heart Centered” and a “Business Owner”

As heart centered entrepreneurs, we tend to shy away from making money. Isn’t that ridiculous? So many of us have gifts and skills to share with the world but we’re stuck in this mindset that making money is “icky” – it’s not. Being a Heart Centered Biz Boss means selling your skills, making money and being in a healthy money mindset. After all, that’s the way to have a truly sustainable business.

What we need to do is find better tools to help us figure out why we are in business. How are we serving people? All of us business owners are personalizing our gifts and skills to share with the world. However, we can get stuck in the frame of mind that us making money is depriving someone else of theirs.

I truly believe that money is a renewable resource. What goes around comes right back around, and so on. I had to make that mind shift a couple of years ago. Giving my services to somebody else means that they get to live a better life, be more productive and feel like an expert in their industry. So, why shouldn’t we be rewarded for time spent just as you would in any other profession?

The importance of sustainable business

If you’re not a sustainable business, you’re not going to be in business for very long. As a result, you’re not going to be a business owner anymore. And that’s definitely not what we want! By the same token, if you’re not profitable, you’re not going to be sustainable either.

It’s important to start viewing yourself not just as a heart centered person, but also as a business owner. Those two things need to live concurrently in the same body. They truly go hand-in-hand and are incredibly successful when partnered together. To be a sustainable business means that you can truly thrive in your field.

What does it mean to be a Heart Centered Business Boss?

Being a Heart Centered Business Boss means that money will go out but it’ll always come back to you. A lot of people can put themselves behind a shield of what they think it looks like to be be a Heart Centered Business Owner. In order to make sustainable business happen for you, you have to just dive in and say, “okay, well it’s scary to make this kind of money but I’m still going to do it!” There are resources and people out there who want to buy your services and who need the support you can give.

Remember that there are people in the world who want your product, your services, e-products – whatever they are – and are willing to buy what you have to offer.

So, why do we still feel weird about earning money?

A couple points of entry to changing your money mindset:

  • Realize what you provide is incredibly valuable
  • Accept that what may be “duh” to you, is actually invaluable to other people
  • Believe in your work and know that it’s improving peoples’ lives

Are you a Heart Centered Biz Boss who is also sustainable?

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  • How are you feeling in your business? How am I really doing? Am I a little bit burnt-out? Annoyed? Frustrated I’m not able to do the things I want to do?
  • What’s the money you want to be making? Are you making that? Maybe it’s a goal of $5,000/ month. Are you moving towards that? Whenever we don’t have a goal, our hard work doesn’t set our hearts on fire. When we don’t set a plan, it hurts our progress in the end.
  • Why is this business important to me? Why am I still doing this? There are so many ways we can earn a living but entrepreneurship is a pretty tough one. It might feel fun but in reality it’s incredibly hard work. It’s fun, but tough!
  • If you could outsource anything right now, what would that be? You really have to think about the future. Whether you’re just beginning or are a couple of years down, what is the first thing you’d hire next? A coach? Social media coordinator? Graphic designer? Think about the thing that’s draining you and making you feel stumped the most often. In order to do that you need to be making higher revenue in order to be sustainable. It doesn’t make sense to just hire someone and figure out a strategy afterwards!
  • How are you going to make that money in order to pay for whatever investment you’re trying to achieve?

I want to encourage you to start thinking about this. Don’t hide behind the guise that you are a heart centered business owner and not actually ask for the sale or price yourself appropriately!

You need to know that you’re valuable and your product is, too. As a result, somebody out there will need what you have to offer! No matter what kind of feedback you’re getting from your “audience”, the right people (if you attract them) will be willing to buy what you’re selling. Of course, as long as you do the work to show them what the value is.

I hope this has been encouraging for you so you can continue to be sustainable and profitable in your business!

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