Sunshine Squad

Your Tailor-Made Business is waiting for YOU.

It’s time to put YOU back into your business.

You want your business to be unequivocally successful. You want to make stable income. But let’s be honest, you want to do it YOUR way.

Yeah you want to be successful but you’re sick and tired of hearing how you can “earn 6 figures in 6 steps.” You know that there isn’t a magic pill.

You’re tired of hearing how you “SHOULD” be doing it. And you kind of want to say “screw it”.

You have dreams of:

  • Proving somebody wrong for not believing in you
  • Providing extras for your family
  • Traveling
  • Rescuing all the dogs (or just snuggling all of the dogs…)
  • Donating more
  • Spending time going to the beach or the movies in the middle of the day
  • Retiring your partner from his miserable job
  • Being superbly comfortable
  • Having LOADS of flexibility
  • Giving abundantly to causes you care about
  • Being able to be your creative self and creating for the sake of creating
  • Growing your family more
  • Having healthy meals
  • Entertaining more
  • Taking care of yourself and making that a non-negotiable

Too many business leaders will tell you to just hustle harder, implement more strategies. But that’s a formula for burn out. It’s a formula to just drive you further on the busy bus and not on the fulfillment train.

My big prediction is that you feel like the info you’re seeing just doesn’t apply to you and it’s exhausting to sift through it.

In the process of trying to figure it out on your own in the piecemeal way you’ve been going, you’re wasting precious time, missing serious  opportunities to make money, and losing your joy!

I’m fed up hearing that people get anxious and feel like they had to implement a tactic because it was something an internet influencer told them they had to. If that’ isn’t the quickest way to turn a creative spirit off! ICK!

Just because you want to do it your way doesn’t mean, you have to figure it out all by yourself.

What if you could be your whole, fabulous self?

Introducing the first-ever community membership for right-brained, heart-centered entrepreneurs that helps to draw on your strengths so you can not only make money but feel crazy amazing (and dare I say ease-ful) doing so!

The Sunshine Squad gives you…

The bite-sized business strategies you can apply to grow your business and take action immediately. A place where you can think critically about how to make the strategies you’ll learn make sense for your business, your personality, and to do it in a way that feels like “your flavor”. The place where others are as vigilant about growing a business that feels tailor-made to them! A community where you will feel cared for and supported by people who are just like you, full of compassion and generosity who are also doing awesome things with their businesses (just wait, you’ll be so inspired by them).

Because you should be the one making the calls in your business.

How it works: Combining Business Best Practices and layering Personal Reflection, Assessment, and Development.

Each month:

We are talking about a specific business best practice that will help you grow your business.

We then take time to transform that best practice into YOUR best practice by taking time to reflect, assess, and discover. We will learn how to take our goals, personalities, and other factors into consideration to apply best practices that fit!

It’s a community membership with people just like you. Who want to change the world. Who want to make money. Who want more intentionality in their lives but keep getting caught in a busy cycle.

The community support is the extra fuel you need to make sure you take personalized, decisive action to move the needle in your business.

It’s run by Reina and the Reina + Co team that runs the Fueled with Heart Facebook Community that has been named “the safest place on the internet”.

The Sunshine Squad Vault is jam packed with in-depth “apply it now” trainings and resources for you to grow a business that’s both profitable and life giving.

Who is this for?

The entrepreneur who is:

Who is this NOT for?

Anybody who:

“Sunshine Squad was an easy yes for me because I’ve seen first hand how Reina can bring a community together, lift up her members, make connection, and then go above and beyond that to deliver a stellar experience to her clients. Being in this group means she’s able to pour into her community in the ways that she does with her clients and that to me is worth every penny!” 

Megan Seeley | ISFJ, Enneagram 3

Why Sunshine Squad?

We named the Community Membership the Sunshine Squad because it’s the place in your business that will feel most like “home” and you feel welcome.

We create a culture of radical honesty with not only others, but also ourselves and our desires! We are permission-givers and choose to encourage one-another to achieving the goals we dream for our lives and businesses.

We believe in the infinite possibility and infinite earning potential of our individual businesses.

We also believe that we can have fun while making an impact.

You’d think that with everything we’ve got planned for you, it’d be a $2,000 course.

NOPE! It’s a super duper affordable monthly price!

What's inside The Vault?

We’re including everything that’s in our content library shop and giving it to you fo-free when you are in Sunshine Squad! It’s a huge value and we can’t wait for you to dive into it!

Hey! I’m Reina!

I’m the founder of Reina + Co and we’ve grown a brand that focuses on Life + Biz Success. Everything we create is for you, our Jordan, the right-brained and heart-centered creative entrepreneur. I help people stop looking around and worrying about what others are doing and help the Jordans of the world focus on what’s most important for her business.

I believe that business isn’t one-size fits all. I also believe that you should make money and have fun doing it. Can you imagine doing something that’s so easy to you and getting paid handsomely for it? That’s what I teach Jordans to do.

In Sunshine Squad, I’ll be going along this journey right alongside you. I am obsessed with learning more about myself, how my mind works and how to do things in business depending on what’s going on in the season of life I’m in.  


I’m proud that the communities that I’ve led have been called “the safest place(s) on the internet” and that I get to have conversations and ask questions that allow you to dig deeper. I hope that I too will be able to grow in discerning what needs to happen and change in my business and what I don’t need to focus on. Because I truly believe that we must grow in our ability to discern for ourselves (and not be told by others) what we have to do.

If you don’t know me from other places, you can find me on the Creative Empire Podcast and the Fueled with Heart Podcast. I also co-wrote a book called The Big Plan for the Creative Mind all about not doing goal setting in one way and that there are so many ways we can apply it to our businesses depending on our personalities and preferences.

Ready to explore?

I can’t wait to see you on the inside!



(ENFJ; Enneagram – 2; Love Languages: Words of Affirmation + Gifts)

“Joining Sunshine squad was a no brainer for me because I love the way Reina melds the business world with the social psychology world so I know this is going to be the perfect mix of business tips and skills as well personal development.I want my business to reflect who I am and I think the best way to do that is to understand myself better. Since I was a kid I have been an observer, I love to people watch and see how they operate. It makes sense to me that the more I learn about myself and why I do what I do the better I can run business that is successful and true reflection of me.”

Jen Hatzung| ENFP, Enneagram-1

The resources available in the vault alone equals the cost of 9 months of membership plus the super warm and supportive Sunshine Squad Facebook Community. Cancel anytime but once you join I'm positive you won't want to leave our squad!

Because you’re ready to see big results and feel great in your business. Biz Best Practices PLUS Personal Reflection, Assessment and Discovery will get you farther in your business.

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