Sprint Mastermind

Sprint Mastermind

If you became your own boss because you wanted the freedom but now that you have it, you find yourself spinning your wheels… You need a mastermind that will give you accountability to get the work done.

You’re NOT alone!

Have you felt like…

  • You’re spinning your wheels  
  • a million ideas are floating around in your head but you find yourself not making progress
  • whenever you start a project you feel so overwhelmed
  • you’re starting to doubt yourself and question whether you can accomplish your epic goals  
  • there are not enough hours in the day

So many of the clients who have gone through the Sprint Mastermind Program felt that way as they started. We created this live program for you.

I want you to believe that the big goal you have is possible.

That with proper planning, accountability, strategy and support that it’s completely possible. I also personally have seen the value of having the leader of a mastermind be a coach who is super in-tune with her clients. It makes it so engaging and transformative.

Working with a mastermind + coach will not only help you to see what you’re capable of but it will speed up the timeline of how quickly you’ll arrive at your goal. I want to help you get there quicker so you can enjoy the rewards of hitting that goal!

Past clients have outlined and created courses, created a podcast and launched it, quit their day jobs, filled up their 1:1 practice so they were fully booked, planned 6 months worth of content, launched membership sites, launched online and in-person workshops during the course of our work together.

With the right support and accountability, you can do these things too!

You said you needed:

  • Accountability (or a kick in the pants!)
  • goal-setting, productivity and prioritization of tasks
  • a smaller knit group to bounce ideas off of – ask questions about “start up”, ask for advice – accountability
  • a sounding board
  • someone to help me focus my goals into a step by step process
  • To feel confident in knowing what to do next (to grow my biz), and am capable of doing the work, but would love support and encouragement to help keep me motivated and on track.
  • Help in focusing down because I often have so many ideas, it’s hard to stay focused on just one.
  • A place where I can organize all of the ideas in my head, learn from others and be held accountable to someone other than myself.
  • Support from people who know what it’s like to work for yourself in a creative capacity.
  • The expertise of others, who have had different experiences than me.


The first part of the mastermind, we decide on what the focus project is. Then we spend time figuring out what the plan is that we want to follow. Essentially, we’re building a roadmap that leads to success and completion!


Once you have a plan, we dive into the support and accountability. This is a chance to ask any questions, update the group on hiccups you’re experiencing and get feedback on how to resolve it. Week by week, we’re checking in to make sure you’re making progress on the goals that you committed to.


At every stage, we like to celebrate progress. Following the plan, adjusting the plan, and accomplishing the tasks on the plan gets us closer to the end result.


Often you’re doing something that’s challenging or something you’ve never done before. It’s great to have a support system who understand what you’re experiencing. Many of us work from home and it’s difficult to be alone (read: lonely and in the company of only ourselves and furry friends or children) without feeling like we have nobody to talk to.

The Spring Kickstart Mastermind can become one of your go-to places for support, sounding board advice and encouragement when you might need it the most.

If something you’ve struggled with in the past is not having a whole lotta accountability or a place to get support on projects you’re working on, then claim your seat in Spring Kickstart Mastermind before we run out of room.

Sound like what
you’re looking for?

Sprint Mastermind opens a few times per year.
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Reina focuses on more than just business. She helps you to look at yourself as a person and what’s in your heart, too. She helped me figure out my priorities and dreams and based on that, she helped me strategize for a business that felt fulfilling beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve been able to create better processes and practices that allow me to step away from my business. I was booked out for 35 speaking gigs in one year. I narrowed down my service offerings that made it easier for others to know me as the go-to expert. Beyond that, though, I’m healthier and emotionally happier. I recommend working with Reina and that she was the NUMBER ONE investment in my business that took my business from where I was to where I am now.
DANNIE FOUNTAIN | Danniefountain.com, Marketing Strategist
Reina was able to put words to the positives and negatives I was feeling. I was surprised at how well she guided the conversation so I didn’t spend too much time “explaining” and instead, concentrated on looking for solutions. I got clarity on the evolution our services needed to undergo to get to the next level. We did a half day intensive and I think entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to travel or do a longer engagement would greatly benefit from a 4-hour session around a specific topic or issue. It went by fast and was incredibly productive! Reina identifies themes and patterns and is skilled at asking the right questions to go deeper. I felt leaving confident, able to make decisions and knowing exactly how to move forward. It has been so freeing!
KATHY DIXON | Oh Yes Communications