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You don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to show you how you can live the Sunshine filled life, making money doing what you love and helping people in the process.

Profit and Serve

As a creative entrepreneur, you’re stuck between ideas and implementation. Serving as many people as you can, and then feeling exhausted and not making any progress on your heart’s desires. We built Profit + Serve so you can live a life filled with more sunshine, helping you to make money by doing what you love, and helping more people. You’re ready to ditch burnout and being stuck in your business.

Flagship Products

  • Set Better Goals!

    Implement the strategies and templates we use in Reina + Co to increase the cash flow in our business in a Heart-Centered way and to keep you super organized. We have templates and systems for: Revenue projection, Content Map, Annual Marketing and Production Calendar, Quarterly Goals, Project Planning, Your Ideal Week, and CEO Report.

  • Selling with Generosity

    You don’t want to come across pushy to potential customers or clients, but you can’t help feeling icky about self-promo. Here’s the truth: You shouldn’t! Selling can be generous, which is why we created  Selling with Generosity. You’ll learn Sales strategies from 20+ Industry experts to help you master the art of selling!


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We believe that because just because we are more creative, more right brained, more flow or intuition oriented, doesn’t mean that one should not plan. In fact, there is an opportunity to do it differently – there’s not just one way to do goal setting.

Dannie Fountain and I wrote a book that highlights leaders in the creative industry so you can get a glimpse of what it’s like both in people’s businesses and in their lives.


Pencil of Promises

A portion of all of the proceeds from every investment you make with Reina + Co in your business goes to support a child in Guatemala.

We’re committed to raising money to build a school through Pencils of Promise. Thank you for being part of our heart-centered cause.



Curious about the tools we’ve used to grow our business?

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