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Creating a seamless content marketing system that converts

Creating a seamless content marketing system that converts

(So you can take “start a blog” off of your to do list)

If you’re a creative and you love creating things, the whole notion of marketing might feel a little bit intimidating. You know you should be blogging, should have a newsletter, should have something called a list, should be engaging on social media… but it’s so darn overwhelming.

Why should you even have a content marketing strategy? There are lots of technical reasons why you should but in a very relational business, the biggest reason is that you want to show people who you are, what you’re good at and for them to like you, know you then get to trust you in the end. Ultimately, this relationship will lead to sales and conversions. By putting out content that is valuable to your future clients, you’re making it easier for them to purchase from you in the future.

Blogging, newsletters, social media can be components of a successful business marketing strategy; however, nobody said you have to do it all nor did they say you have to do it at once.

In fact, when we started Reina + Co, the only thing we had was one blog post per week. And if you go way into the archives, the content might still be relevant but the graphics have something left to be desired and there wasn’t much sharing happening. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to share about either. I’m sharing exactly what you could be doing if you have none or some of your marketing in place already and want help in figuring out what to do so you don’t get overwhelmed!

  1. Write down 1-3 things you want people to know you’re awesome at.
  2. Brainstorm things people don’t know about those 1-3 topics you decided on in #1.
  3. Decide how you want to communicate those things to your current or future audience. Video? Audio? Written word?

If you’ve decided that you want to have a blog and newsletter and want to do it consistently, I’m sharing the steps it takes to get Sunshine Mail to your inbox every Wednesday.

[NOTE] My team would attest to this: The process that we’re sharing is something that we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect. Actually, even now after a year of doing it, it still has some bumps, but we are better at handling situations. Whether you have a team or not doesn’t really matter. Creating a workflow that works for you and is documented is the most important part. Take what you read here and implement it into your own business.

Answer these prompts:

  1. I want to share new content ______ per ________ (ex: once per week, twice per month).
  2. I want to start with a _______ (blog, newsletter, facebook group) and get consistent there.
  3. I’d like the piece of content to be seen: _______________. 

As a tip, don’t feel like you can only share something on one platform. Instead try to think of creative ways to repurpose the same content. People who are reading one thing might not be seeing another thing and you want to maximize the impact of the work you’re doing!

Grab my complete check-list/workbook for streamlining your blog and social media system here!

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