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The Power of Goal Setting with Powersheets

The Power of Goal Setting with Powersheets

If you’ve been following along my journey, you know that PowerSheets have played a significant role in my life. I’ve always been ambitious and driven to achieve milestones quickly, I didn’t have an exacting system to measure my personal growth against my goals. Heck, I set smaller goals but I don’t think I had ever stepped back to see what I wanted in my life until I met the PowerSheets.

Do you have a set of PowerSheets yet?

Lara Casey and the now Cultivate What Matters team became part of my consciousness around 2011 when I was building my wedding planning business but I didn’t buy my first set of PowerSheets until 2014 (for calendar year 2015). I then bought her book Make it Happen and dove right in. If nothing else, all of their products will make you slow down and assess what’s most important. If you allow it, it will help you to recalibrate the compass on your life.

I started Reina + Co after doing my 2015 PowerSheets (I still have them!) where I wrote that my goal was to “make coaching and encouraging women be more productive, positive and purposeful” and that my biggest fear was “giving it my all and failing.” I was scared but I was excited to try anyway because to me, the prospect of failing wasn’t enough to stop me from being able to help the women I was setting out to help.

I’m obviously a huge fan of running a business that’s heart centered. Some people misunderstand that to mean that it’s all fluffy and sunshine and rainbows and that nothing ever goes wrong. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and it’s only with the right support systems, hard work and tools that I can run a business that is sustainable, profitable and feels really great! (Don’t have PowerSheets yet? Snag yours here!)

Here’s how I use my PowerSheets

General tips

I try to do the prep in one fell swoop. I spent an evening (about 2 hours) where I put some music on, got my stash of Papermate Flair pens and brain dumped it all out. I gave myself full permission to make it mine.

My mantra when using the PowerSheets: I’d rather have lived a messy year than to have a perfectly clean set of PowerSheets by the end of the year.

So go big or go home with your Powersheets. Caveat to my “messy” peptalk is, I want to write what I need to write but I try my best not to get things crazy disorganized or dirty. I want them to document my “fully lived” year.

I keep them open on my desk. I’m not perfect at checking them every day but I do look at them every week during my Friday CEO Check in with myself. Making it a habit really helps. Also, the Heart Centered Biz Bosses group hosts a monthly check-in to make sure we’re staying on top of our goals (yay for accountability!)

Make time in your calendar to do the seasonal refreshes. It’s common to lose focus of our big goals when we’re in the day-to-day, but making sure we’re moving forward on our goals and recommitting to them ensures that we achieve them without a ton of lost momentum.

Don’t overcommit. We’re all guilty of saying “yes” to way too many things. There are constant forces of influence that want us to deliver and we, as generous people, want to oblige. But we need to start learning the power of “no” and sticking to the thing we have planned!

AllieDanae of the Social Walker gave me this great idea (on her instagram stories) to color code your goals – business, life, personal, etc. so you can see what category the goals go into. Brilliant!

How I use my PowerSheets


In the past, I’ve always created more business goals than personal goals and this year, I was committed to making a concerted effort to put myself in the picture. I asked myself what I wanted to learn or be able to do and came up with a few things:

  • Having an organized home and feeling settled (and not behind) in the weekly shuffle and namely that was staying on top of laundry
  • Learning how to ice skate
  • Learning photography


There are a lot of things I want to see grow in the Reina + Co brand and it was great to put them all out there, assess what seemed possible and create a plan around the top priorities. When I know the course, I’m better at saying “no” to things; when I’m more lax, I overwhelm myself with too many things and feel stretched this. Boundaries keep me motivated to stay the course.

Some of the things we have on the horizon:

  • Creating more seamless client systems for a better client experience
  • Operating Manual in place
  • Tackling the world of paid ads
  • Strategically growing our reach and spreading good content
  • Among other exciting projects that you’ll see launching later this year!


We use it for our team and it’s the first time we’ve done it. It helps all of us get on the same page and understand the direction we’re going in. At the beginning of the year, we all got together on a virtual retreat and walked through what we wanted to see improved from last year, how we could step it up and what goals we had for the company and personally. It’s important for me to show my team that I care about their individual business progress and not just the business goals.

We chose a word together which resonated for all of us: BUILD

This year, we’re building community, resources, systems, camaraderie, our platform, confidence and so much more for Reina + Co and the women we are supporting!

I love seeing progress on my/our goals. Each time I get to check a box or color in the progress bar is a great day. I don’t do it perfectly but the PowerSheets have taught me my capacity to work hard and give myself grace.

How do you use your PowerSheets and what tip and tricks do you have to keep yourself moving toward your big goals?

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