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5 Tips Heart Centered Biz Bosses Can Use to Make Good Money

5 Tips Heart Centered Biz Bosses Can Use to Make Good Money

When I started my business, I had letter grade ‘F’ money mindset. I believed that money was scarce, that I kept running out of it, and that it would be difficult to find more of. I believed that there was a certain amount of money that was available to me (hello, income ceiling!). As a Social Worker, we had a joke in grad school that went something like, “will work for change.” As in “I want to make a difference in the world,” and the unfortunate, “I won’t get paid much and I’m okay with that.”

It’s scary to start a business with such money mindset blocks but I didn’t even realize it was an issue until I came across this video by Denise Duffield Thomas where she talks (hysterically) about the difference of women and men as it comes to how we discuss money. When I started the Heart Centered Biz Bosses FB Community, I admit that I was hiding behind the “I just want to help people” because I was blocked from talking about profit, making money, and understanding the full power of the Heart Centered Biz Bosses who also made money. I now know how important that is to the process. One of our core values is to serve people well and to build sustainable and profitable businesses.

You are a Bad-ass at Making Money

I realize that I’ve come a long way since my Social Work days in my money mindset journey. Reading Jen Sincero’s new book You are a Badass at Making Money made me realize how much; I am no longer scared of making lots of money, I wasn’t triggered by her success story, and I am excited about the potential of having a rich life which she talks about at length in her book.

Sincero says “a healthy desire for wealth is not greed, it’s a desire for life.” Becoming wealthy doesn’t mean that you have to turn into a terrible human. When you have all the riches you desire, you can have a more easeful life wherein you have everything you want and need in order to thrive. This book gives us a framework to help us discover what stands in the way of achieving our fullest potential through fear, limiting beliefs about whether we can or are allowed to make the kind of money we want.

A few things that her book illuminated for me are discussed below in hopes that they too can help you think more critically of the way you think about your relationships with money.

I think for the most part, we want to make money to feel legit in our businesses. We also have the more practical reason for wanting to make money: having freedoms and oh right, paying rent.

Decide that You Will Make Money.

One of the biggest obstacles to making lots of money is not a lack of good ideas or opportunities or time, or that we’re too slovenly or stupid, it’s that we refuse to give ourselves permission to become rich. P. 14, You are a Badass at Making Money

We feel like we need permission to live a bigger, fuller, more whole-hearted life. We feel like we need the permission to stop doing what we’ve been required to do for so long and do whatever it is that we want to do, namely making an impact, serving our communities and making money doing that.

As it is, we’re told that talking about wanting to be rich is a tasteless thing and by wanting it, people believe you’re somehow morally corrupt. Give yourself permission to want to become rich for the reason you’re setting out for. Divorcing yourself from what people in your life THINK you should do is incredibly helpful in making decisions that support your goals.

Decide that you’re going to get rich, don’t just say that you want that to happen to you.

Have gratitude.

Gratitude is tied to success in myriad ways and money-making is no exception. When you express your gratitude for receiving something, the Universe rewards you for having appreciation you demonstrated. Another way to look at it is, whatever you notice grows. When you are looking to buy a certain car, you’ll start to notice it everywhere. Same with things you’re grateful for, when you notice money coming in, it becomes more abundant. Conversely, you know those people who are constantly complaining about things that go wrong will have bad things perpetually happen to them.

Practice gratitude by saying things you’re grateful for at the beginning or end of the day. By noticing the things that you want more of helps you to get more of that in your life. Appreciating the small sale you made will allow for more to come into your business.

Be Specific.

What is it that you want money for? Most of the time, when we’re in a place of lack, we just feel like we never have enough. The power is in the specificity when we actually want something. What is it that you want in your life? A trip to Disney for your family? Enough money to pay a house cleaner? To be able to pay for student loans and not worry about it every month?

What is that specifically doing to cost? Whether it costs $500 or $50,000, ask specifically for it, and know what that money will do.

Whenever you’re specific about what you’re wanting, your intention and

Money is just a medium of exchange.

For us heart-centered bosses, it feels weird to talk about money and wealth. We want to know what what we’re doing is serving our audience. The mindset hurdle we have to overcome is the notion that money is simply a means of exchanging value. You give them something and you get something in return. There’s nothing dirty, icky, weird about receiving money from somebody.

When you believe that you are truly offering value to somebody else through your product or service, you can more confidently charge for it. The money is just the quantifiable indicator of that value. Half of the word in charging money as a Heart Centered Biz Boss is the belief that what you’re providing is valuable.

Notice How You’re Pushing Money Away

There are commonly held beliefs that might be pushing money away from our businesses that we have to stop and examine if we want to have a shot at making money we desire.

  • We can’t afford that.
  • Money ruins relationships.
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • I just want to serve people (implying, I don’t want to make money doing it).

One of my favorite quotes from this book that hits at the heart of the Heart Centered Biz Bosses I come across (and the old me that had terrible money mindset) is:

When you (consciously or unconsciously) resent money or cling to your limiting beliefs about money or refuse to participate in making money, it does not serve you, it does not make you more noble, it does not help you or anyone else. What it does is put you on a hunger strike by cutting you off from that which you need not only to survive, but to thrive.

It is important to question the reason for saying, “I don’t need money.” It’s my guess that if you are anything like what I was, it feels scary to talk about money and so we hide behind the nobility of being able to make impact rather than focusing and empowering our clients (and ourselves) to make decisions based on money.

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