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Finding Fulfillment
The Entrepreneur Mom Manifesto

The Entrepreneur Mom Manifesto

The Entrepreneur Mom Manifesto

Two years ago, I became a mom and started learning the ropes to one of the most trying and rewarding jobs I’ve ever taken on. As Mother’s Day approaches (this Sunday! Don’t forget to call Mom!), I want to share a glimpse of my Manifesto as a mom.  Last year, I wrote about How Being an Entrepreneur Makes Me a Better Mom which is also a relevant read!

I realized a month after I left my job to become a stay-at-home mom, that I’m not cut out for it; that it’s the most difficult job. I knew that I needed something that helped me tie my identity to something other than my son. The fact that I wanted “more” than my son made me feel guilty. The fact that I longed to go back to work made me feel inadequate. So, this one is for you. If you’ve ever felt like as much as you love your family, you want something more for you, too.

The Entrepreneur Mom Manifesto

I hustle because it makes ME feel alive, empowered, fulfilled, and excited.

It’s okay that you feel alive in more roles than just motherhood. You’re allowed to chase your passions and make the world a better place with your gifts. You are incredible for wanting both. Your enthusiasm will show your family how passionate mom is, and how empowering entrepreneurship can be.

I will care for myself. Maybe not first, but definitely not dead last, every time.

As women, it’s easy to put ourselves almost last. Why do we do that? Let’s make a pledge here. We’ll still take care of others, but we won’t be DEAD LAST every time. We can still be empathetic, caring, maternal, and loving. We can still be great moms. In fact, we can be even better moms, partners, daughters, and friends, if your proverbial cup is full. So go draw that bath and enjoy that glass of wine.

Sometimes my work comes first.

This one might cause some hub-bub. Sometimes, I’ll have to prioritize work. Not always, but sometimes, work has to get done while kiddo is around. There’s nothing wrong with you as a mom. Sometimes, you have to put kiddo in after-care, or have grandma come over for a little while so that you can get some work done. Just get it done and don’t sweat it.

I will be present.

When you’ve got your phone or computer in front of your face all day when your kiddo is around, it’s no good for anybody. Make the time you’re with them about them. Make the time that you’re away about work, you, or whatever else is important. Being present is really a gift. Do your family a favor by turning your work brain off and setting that boundary.

I hustle to make a good life for us.

Hustling is a part of entrepreneurship. It has to happen at some point. When the going gets tough, remember what you’re doing it for. Remember what the “end goal” is. Remember what your family goals are, remember what your personal goals are with your business. For me, I’m in it to make our home life easier, for us to be able to afford a lifestyle we want and to be able to make decisions for our family that isn’t always tied to how much money we do or don’t have.

Sometimes the laundry takes a back burner to going to the park and that’s okay.

Home life is hard when you’re a work-from-home entrepreneur. Sometimes, the laundry gets neglected so that you can really be present with the kiddo. It will get done, it has to get done, right? But it’s okay to prioritize your kid’s happiness over completing a chore (maybe not everytime, but let’s be okay with making exceptions and being flexible!).

My family is better because I’m an entrepreneur.

Kids grow up watching you as a hard-working, dream-chasing entrepreneur. They learn gumption and watch your tenacity. They learn that if you work hard enough at something, that they can achieve success too.

For me, not having to commute, being able to call the shots, to be able to have something I LOVE to do is a blessing. I think my family benefits from me not being miserable. Even on a tough day, being able to work for myself means that I can control when I shut down. It’s incredibly empowering and my family is a direct recipient of my elevated happiness.

I need time for silence, solitude and reflection.

You need time to process, to grow, and to recharge. Your ability to be stronger, more patient, and better at anything you do comes from quiet regrowth. Give yourself the permission to be still. Give yourself the space to regroup. It’s better to ask for it and take it rather than to blow up in frustration and anger. You deserve better. Your family deserves better.

I am the anchor of my family. My sanity matters.

For so many moms I speak with, I’ve learned that moms are the hub of the family. Families run smoother (when there’s both a mom and dad in the picture), when mom is happier, more satisfied. The anchor sets the tempo and mood of the family life. By prioritizing the sanity of mom, you’re also ensuring that family life will be happier too.

Finally, I want to give you a pep-talk about giving yourself grace. In the last two years of mommy-hood (I know, I’m pretty new at this), I’ve been humbled by the way a child can alter the life I was used to living. My self-paced, self-sufficient, self-centered life was flipped on its head. Without grace, I wouldn’t make it most days. I have learned more patience and the joy of simplicity since earning the title of “mom”.

Grace gives us the ability to shift our focus from “me, me, me” to surrendering to the forces of your children and the world. Grace has been the gift that friends give me when my children are sick and I have to cancel a play date. Grace has been the powerful force behind my gratitude and my patience as I’ve grown as a mom. It’s hard, but it has been humbling, too.

Wishing you a Grace-FULL Mother’s Day!

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