“Reina’s specialty is encouraging the audience to be more intentional about the way they think about their business(es). Her presentation was core to making sure that we walked away thinking more clearly about our goals, but perhaps even more importantly, thinking about how to bring our full self to work. Reina knows how to ensure that we’ve attained a deeper level of clarity on what our why is and why it matters.” ~ Dannie Lynn Fountain



“As a speaker, Reina engages and mesmerizes the audience. Her spunk and confidence catches the attention of everyone in the room, giving her the ability to truly impact lives and mindsets. Her talks include an incredible balance between encouraging the audience to be brave and confident, while also giving them actionable steps to improve their life and business. If you are lucky enough to hear Reina speak, you better sit down, listen up, and be ready to learn, grow, and maybe even cry! In addition, Reina sets herself apart by engaging with all attendees throughout the conference. She is not just there to be a speaker. She is there to encourage, love, and meet others. You can tell Reina truly cares about every person she encounters and it’s evident in her actions and words.” ~ Rachel Heckman


“Reina spoke at the Together Experience and completely opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about and perceiving fear. She said, “Fear is a good thing! It saves us from being eaten by lions.” It’s true and I realized that I have always viewed fear as only negative, as something that pulls me down and limits me, but there’s good fear and there’s bad fear. It’s learning how to separate the two and thank the fear for being there to protect me, but if it’s not life threatening, telling the fear to move aside because I’ve got some awesome living to do! Reina speaks straight to the heart, she understands because she’s been there and she encourages you (even from on stage) to see your worth, your value and your potential. I adore Reina (and her hugs) and I can’t wait to learn from her again. ” ~ Brianne Dosier