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Bring me to your next workshop, conference, retreat to speak to your audience! If you’re looking to bring a speaker who can engage your audience, hold them accountable and show your audience what an immersive experience feels like, hire me to join your speaking line up!

Encouraging, engaging, and educating newer entrepreneurs is part of my mission in business. Click here to see Reina’s official bio and headshots.

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“Asking Reina to speak is like having a feminine version of Tony Robbins at your event. She pushes buttons, in the best of ways, and she knows how to move people into action. Reina is an impressive storyteller with a compassionate energy that will being a refreshing level of comfort and enthusiasm to your event.” ~ Amber McCue



“Reina is an amazing speaker and I’m so fortunate to have had her at my retreat to pour into the women that attended. Reina has a special way of delivering information that both serves AND connects. She is able to personalize the information and really connect with her audience while staying tapped into what she’s there to deliver and her own areas of expertise. I highly recommend Reina as someone who creates warmth and sunshine wherever she goes while bringing the smart strategy.” ~ Lacey Craig


“It was such an honor to hear Reina speak and command the room as she did. She was able to provide a space and time for people to dig into the thing that a lot of us do not like to talk about, FEAR. She was able to show us how we can personify it the voices (good & bad) in our lives, something I have never done. By her addressing thing that we all thing about, but mostly shove to the side, I feel like it opened a whole new realm of growth and understanding for everyone in the room. It almost made it ok for each of us to tackle the bad and embrace the good. It forced us, in a good way, to open our eyes to thing that continue to hold us back. It was a treat to be able to experience Reina. It was more than a speech. It was an interactive experience.” ~ Kristen Ley

“Having Reina as a speaker for The Signature CEO Conference 2017 was truly amazing! Her presentation style was highly engaging and the content was invaluable; two of the key traits that I want my speakers to provoke during their presentations. The attendees at the conference loved her and she was deemed as one of the top presenters rated by the attendees. As a conference producer, you also want to work with Speakers that understand your platform and want to go the extra mile to ensure the success of your event – Reina was one of those individuals! Reina was an outstanding professional by always adhering to deadlines and always asking what she could do to make the conference better! If you are looking for a dynamic speaker, Reina Pomeroy, is that person you want on your roster!” ~Tara Melvin

The audience LOVED Reina! She brought a ray of sunshine, encouragement, and positivity to the Enriched + Encouraged Intensive. She was exactly what the attendees needed, she pushed them to dream bigger, put a plan in place and reminded them that the impossible, is possible. Reina exceeded all expectations and continues to remain involved with the attendees through social media and accountability efforts. If you are looking for a passionate, authentic, knowledgeable, relatable speaker and coach, Reina is your girl ~ Geomyra Lewis



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“Reina’s specialty is encouraging the audience to be more intentional about the way they think about their business(es). Her presentation was core to making sure that we walked away thinking more clearly about our goals, but perhaps even more importantly, thinking about how to bring our full self to work. Reina knows how to ensure that we’ve attained a deeper level of clarity on what our why is and why it matters.” ~ Dannie Lynn Fountain



“As a speaker, Reina engages and mesmerizes the audience. Her spunk and confidence catches the attention of everyone in the room, giving her the ability to truly impact lives and mindsets. Her talks include an incredible balance between encouraging the audience to be brave and confident, while also giving them actionable steps to improve their life and business. If you are lucky enough to hear Reina speak, you better sit down, listen up, and be ready to learn, grow, and maybe even cry! In addition, Reina sets herself apart by engaging with all attendees throughout the conference. She is not just there to be a speaker. She is there to encourage, love, and meet others. You can tell Reina truly cares about every person she encounters and it’s evident in her actions and words.” ~ Rachel Heckman


“Reina spoke at the Together Experience and completely opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about and perceiving fear. She said, “Fear is a good thing! It saves us from being eaten by lions.” It’s true and I realized that I have always viewed fear as only negative, as something that pulls me down and limits me, but there’s good fear and there’s bad fear. It’s learning how to separate the two and thank the fear for being there to protect me, but if it’s not life threatening, telling the fear to move aside because I’ve got some awesome living to do! Reina speaks straight to the heart, she understands because she’s been there and she encourages you (even from on stage) to see your worth, your value and your potential. I adore Reina (and her hugs) and I can’t wait to learn from her again. ” ~ Brianne Dosier


“Reina is such an inspiring and action-oriented speaker. I never take notes during talks and was scribbling like a mad man after her awe-inspiring presentation. Can’t wait to see her rock the stage again.” ~ Shenee Howard