Meet Reina

You can’t wait to be your own boss but you’re struggling to figure out how you’ll become successful.
or maybe,
You want to really live your life on your own terms, but after so many false starts, it feels like it’s not possible for you.
After spinning your wheels for a long time, your dream feels too big and you just feel like giving up!
What you need is somebody to help you get back on to the path, where the big goals feel within reach.
Perfect, because that’s EXACTLY what I do!

Meet Reina

Between running a business, chasing after a toddler, walking the dog and trying to be a good wife,
I get the pressures you feel to keep all the balls up in the air!

Building a happy life is work but so worth it!

I’m a trained Social Worker who started a Wedding Planning business while I was in graduate school.
I learned that I love working with people and fell head over heels for coaching women who want TONS out of life
but felt stuck where they were. When I became a mom, I learned the challenge of finding my own identity as a woman.
It gives me so much purpose to help you hear the swirling thought in your head and create a plan to achieve them!

I am a Co-Active Coaching trained coach and am fully certified by the International Coaching Federation.


Fun Facts

I live on the east coast (and love it!)
but I grew up in Southern California.
yep, I used to be a cheerleader
I’ve kept being peppy ever since!
I’m a military spouse. I love our troops and
their families with a HUGE passion.
I’m a total nut over nail polish and nail art (if you haven’t seen it
on Instagram, check me out @reinaandcompany!).
I love candy. If I see a new candy that I haven’t tried, there’s no self control,
it’s guaranteed to make it into my shopping cart.

Ready to take that leap of faith toward your big goals?
You’re a big dreamer. You’re a planner. You’re an achiever. You’re super passionate.
I can tell and I can’t wait to work with you!