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Heart Centered Holiday Gift Guide

Heart Centered Holiday Gift Guide

While we now expect anything we order to arrive at our door within 48 hours (thank you, Amazon Prime), there are many things that we can purchase online that’s not mass manufactured.

Katie Williamsen and the Reina + Co team have created our second Annual Heart Centered Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve featured over 100 vendors who are small businesses and create products for our community. We hope you’ll be encouraged to shop small this holiday season and be proactive during the shopping process. Happy Shopping!!

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Why Shop Small?

You’re supporting a Small Business Owner

You know how you feel every time you make a sale? The I’m gonna do a happy dance feeling? That’s the gift you’re giving somebody as you invest in their product. You’re encouraging them to have a great holiday season or for them to be able to pay for their family vacation (or any reason it’s awesome to have money!). Shopping small is like giving somebody a high five.

It’s more Unique

You’re more likely find fun, quirky, perfect-for-my-sister-who-loves-piglets gifts than any big box store. The more thought you put into it, the gift recipient will also be doubly excited.

Better Customer Service

In my experience, working with a small business has meant more efficient and friendly customer service. If there’s ever a problem, a smaller group will be willing to help you sort the issue out. Also, if you’re looking for suggestions or have questions, a small company is more likely to give you recommendations or to be able to answer questions like, “will this fit for a 4 year old?”

Building the Local Economies

According to Civic Economics, on average 48 percent of purchases at independent stores and businesses is put back into the local economy. Comparatively, a big box store we’d see about 14 percent recirculating.

Would you want the small shops that are doing a great job to stay in business, or have yet another big box store increase their wealth further? (Side note: this is such a money mindset question, because if money is abundant, then you should be able to choose where you spend your money without feeling crummy about your decision)

Things to Note about Shopping Small

Note How It’s Sourced

If it’s important to you, with a smaller business, you’ll be able to learn how something was created or produced or sourced. Something I find to be fun to learn is a story of the person who created the product, why it came to be, and the story of a company. When you’re shopping big, that’s not always the case.

A Gift That Does Good

You know how passionate Reina + Co is about products that give back. We’ve collaborated on gifts that send proceeds to their favorite cause (like education, conservation, crisis assistance). Smaller businesses have been known to be generous and you might notice that a product or whole product lines contribute a portion of their proceeds to a cause.

Don’t Expect Prime Speed

I know that like you, I don’t love paying for shipping. In fact, I’ve been known to abandon my cart during shopping sometimes when the shipping has been higher than I wanted to pay. This is mostly because many big companies have made us expect free shipping. Big companies can negotiate shipping rates due to the volume that they ship; smaller businesses aren’t able to take advantage of these rates due to smaller volume. Expect something to take a little longer and cost a smidge more to get to you.

If you’re proactive and shop early then you should get the perfect gifts for everybody on your list in time for the holidays!

Heart Centered Holiday Gift Guide is here!

Shop small this year with gifts for your friends, neighbors, kids’ teachers, stocking stuffers, hostess gifts and more!!

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