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What Makes Me a Heart Centered Business Owner

What Makes Me a Heart Centered Business Owner

Let’s Set the Scene…

The Newbie Entrepreneur: As brand new entrepreneurs, it’s pretty standard to fly by the seat of your pants. Your first goal is to find paying clients. You search high and low and start to compare yourself to others who have been doing this work. likely, for years. All you want to do is make money, to make sure you can make up the salary you could e making by having a “real job”. It’s hard to put yourself out there, but you feel like you need to take any gig that comes your way.

The Burn-Out Entrepreneur: After a while you’ve gotten some clients, you’re excited that the money is coming in, but you’re working 24/7 and are getting so tired. The client work is steady, but it’s almost too much. Your bank account doesn’t reflect the amount of money coming in. You’re happier than working in a  9-5, but let’s be honest, you’re working more like 7am-9pm. YIKES.

At this point, I want you to shift your focus from running at full speed to figuring out what’s fun for you. To figure out what you love to do in your business. Do you remember what that was when you started? There are things that could help you at this point. First step is to decide to make a change…

  1. Cut out all the things you don’t love to do by delegating or no longer offering them.
  2. Figuring out what your core values are. What are you doing in your life/business now that steps on those core values?
  3. Choose to re-identify who your real ideal client is.

Why You Should Choose to Have a Heart Centered Business

You’re burnt out, you’re tired of your clients, you want to make an impact, but you feel like you’re spinning your wheels. It’s time to refresh and rejuvenate how you run your business. A heart centered business is an extremely intentional and values-driven business. You’re not motivated first by money – the philosophy here is that when you pour into others, create a community of givers, then money will be abundant because you’re proving extreme value to those people and they want to invest in you. You should love the people who are your clients. You should love the work you do every day. You should love how you’re part of your community. If you don’t, it’s time to make a change. Choose to become heart-centered.

What Makes Me a Heart Centered Business Owner

I run a Facebook community of Heart Centered Biz Bosses that you can be a part of by Joining the Sunshine Club. It’s a community where people value the community. Here, I’m breaking down the core aspects of that group and what I believe makes somebody a Heart Centered Business Owner.

Strong Core Values.

You’ve probably seen corporate core values. They’re plastered on a wall or on a website for a company. But then they just feel like they don’t really exhibit those core values when they make decisions. That’s not like that here. With a small business, you can make decisions that honor the values you choose. Ask yourself a few key questions:

  1. What do I value in my life and in my business?
  2. How do I want to feel in my business?
  3. What relationships are important to me?
  4. What is something I feel passionate in defending or protecting?
  5. What makes me angry as it pertains to my business?

Be Intentional.

Ask yourself the same questions as above, but ask yourself also: How do I want to remember this time? How do I want my family and/or my kids to remember me during this time? Once you know the answer to that, figure out what you can eliminate. Be very conscious about how you’re spending the minutes. Make sure that you’re saying YES to the things that matter so you make room for more of that,  and say NO to the things that matter less right now.

Give Give Give.

People ask for too darn much. I think you should always give 90% and ask 10% for things. Those people who give first will always be the people who get from very willing people. If you’re not currently in launch mode, go out and send out good juju (yep, it’s a technical term), to 5 people today. It’s a thoughtful gesture, a kind comment, a connection that they might have wanted to be made, promote their product or just send a note in the mail. It can be simple but those simple things go a long way. When you’re actually in launch (or I need help from you) mode, ask yourself, have I given enough to this person to yield good will from them? If not, don’t even try.

Power of Self Reflection.

I think this one goes without saying but I’m going to lay a few piece out here. Taking time for self-reflection in personal life and business life is critical. It’s the way you get to the intentional way of living. Reflection gives you space to made decisions about important things by reflecting on what is working and what still needs work.

People First.

This could probably be the first and last thing in my business. It covered my life purpose, it covers my life purpose, it covers so many of my values, it covers intentional, and the how I run my business. Business is not the dollars that come into my business, but how many lives I’ve been able to touch. How many things I’ve been able to teach and have an impact. It’s all about being a humble servant, providing and giving people what they need before asking for anything in return. It seems like such a silly way of thinking about business as we are here to make money, but time and time again, it’s been the things that sets great businesses apart from just the ‘okay’ ones. I choose to do business with people who make people a priority too.

Another important piece of this mentality is that collaboration is the lifeblood of how you can leverage the impact and influence you can have. I am a continual collaborator. I love using my voice, my platform, my connections to make the world a better place and if I collaborate with the right people, I get to connect the people I love (that’s you) with people who have fantastic skills and things to offer. It’s a total win-win. Go and collaborate with somebody today.

Last week, I talked about how you can be of service to people and this is exactly how you can help people ahead of you, at the same level as you, and people who are newer than you. People matter! 

I’d love to have you join us in the Heart Centered Biz Bosses Group if you want a group of people who really get you as a business owner. If you resonated with the five core tenants above: Join us here!

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