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Heart Centered Biz Bosses Holiday Gift Guide

Heart Centered Biz Bosses Holiday Gift Guide


Our community is full of talented creatives. I know you’re getting ready to hit the mall or Amazon to start purchasing your holiday gifts for family, friends, and clients. I’m super guilty of waiting until the last minute to think of gifts.

So instead of waiting til forever, I decided to work on a collaboration with Katie Williamsen to create the Heart Centered Biz Bosses Gift Guide featuring our favorite products that have been created by the gals in our community and items that we love to use.

In these pages you’ll find gifts for:

  • moms
  • girlfriends
  • guys
  • clients
  • kiddos
  • people who might care about giving back to the world

Click here to begin exploring the guide! 

We encourage you to shop small this year. Know that when you make a purchase with a small business, you’re investing in their family, their hopes and dreams. When you make a purchase in a small business, you’re giving them access to bettering themselves and strengthening their businesses further.
Please note that the shipping times are going to be slower than Amazon Prime. It’s an obvious point but I wanted to share this because I know how stressed product based businesses get around the holiday. Plan WAY in advance so you aren’t stressing to get the products you need! If you’re looking for custom product, order it sooner rather than later! 

Here’s a preview of the guide!


It’s an awesome thing to shop small. You’re getting a product that’s not mass manufactured, that has been made by the hands of a business owner like myself and you’re contributing to the small business economy (so thanks for that!).
So grateful that you are looking for products that will make a difference!

Click here to begin exploring the guide! 

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