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Journal Prompt: Show Em Your Grit

Show em your grit (Journal Prompt)You’ve been on a journey. You haven’t gotten to where you are RIGHT NOW without a story. Actually, it’s probably a lot of stories. They all build on one another. We’ve had great experiences and ones we’d like to forget they were so bad.

I hope this piece causes you to think about what you’re fighting for or fighting against. I’ve crafted some questions for you to ponder of journal. I hope it spurs some intrigue in your day.

Journal Prompts

  • Who are you trying to prove yourself to? What’s the story there?
  • Who wins if you give up?
  • Why did you decide to be on the path you’re on?
  • Who do you have to feel bigger than to finally feel good about yourself?
  • What’s the experience that made you feel small, like you had something to prove in the first place?
  • What does grit mean? Is it about persistence and tenacity? Is it about success?
  • What or whom are you fighting against?
  • What’s longing to be noticed here?
  • What memories are associated with the word grit?
  • What happens when you show em your grit? Is that em even an actual person or is it the “masses” of faceless people who might have been part of the story from before.


Journal and think about some or all of these questions. The answers might be ugly and that’s okay. You don’t have to share your answers to the questions but tell us what happened based on doing the exercise, I’d love to hear from you!

Show em your grit (Journal Prompt)

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