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FWH 021: Tips and Tricks to Have an Ultra Successful Collaboration that Helps to Grow Your Business

FWH 021: Tips and Tricks to Have an Ultra Successful Collaboration that Helps to Grow Your Business

There’s a simple and friendly strategy for growing your community and audience. Whether you have 100,000 followers or the one person following you is your mom and best friend, using this strategy, you’ll be able to make big strides in growing your business.

If you could grow your business by working with your friends would you? It’s a strategy that’s usually more comfortable and friendly than some of the other alternatives.

Collaborations have the potential to open up new opportunities and get you in front of a different audience.

Types of Collaborations we’ve done with Reina + Co:

  • Creative Empire Podcast – A business partnership (with a legal partnership agreement)
  • A Summit with Hailey Dale for Selling With Generosity, collaborating with many educators
  • Joint Venture trainings and launches
  • A collaboration each year with Katie Williamsen to produce the Heart Centered Holiday Gift Guide that features small business product makers
  • Collaborating with sponsors for giveaways
  • Affiliate promotions
  • Launching our website – we incorporated cheerleaders and sponsor partners
  • Being guests on podcasts, in other communities as a guest expert

Some things you’ll want to keep in mind:

  1. If there’s money involved, you should have a written contract.
  2. Make sure you write out expectations so everybody is clear on what’s happening.
  3. Understand who does what and what the responsibilities are.

How to approach somebody for a collaboration:

My rule of thumb is if they are within 10% of your community/audience/influence, give the details and thoughts about the scope of the collaboration and what you’re envisioning. If you’re wanting to collaborate with somebody who has more followers/bigger audience/more influence, know what the value of the collaboration is to the other person, keep the email super simple. If you’re asking them to do something, give them plenty of lead time. If you’re asking them to create content for you, expect that it will take much longer.

We have created a gift for you!

I created a guide for you that will help you with collaborations you’ve always wanted in your business!

Sustainable Habit Builder of the Day:

Listen to your body. Your body is trying to tell you what’s going on. It might sound woo but your body feels feelings in other places than just your head. You know how when you get angry, you’ll feel tense or hot? That’s your body’s physiological response to the emotion. Similarly, getting in touch with your body will allow you to see how you’re responding to stressors in your life, to negativity, or fears. Where are you carrying some tension right now? Check in with your body and see if you can release it. Try doing this 3 times during your day this week.

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