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FWH 019: 3 Months of IG Content in 2 hours!

FWH 019: 3 Months of IG Content in 2 hours!

If content creation is what you are struggling with, I hear you! In today’s episode, we’re diving into creating content for your business efficiently.

I have 3 rules of thumb that I will teach you, to help you craft the best posts for your Instagram feed:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Be Vulnerable
  3. Illicit the reaction YAAAAAS from your reader/viewer

In addition, there are 3 types of posts that you want to use to make up your feed:

  1. Fun/engaging/inspiring / Sharing others (40%)
  2. Expert content (50%)
  3. About you / About your heart + core and what makes your brand you (10%)

We’re answering these questions in this week’s episode:

  • What type of content should I be posting?
  • How often you should be posting.
  • How to share more about you.

We have created a gift for you!

Plan your next 3 months of IG content in the next few hours!  Download our Instagram batching guide that helps you create content for your business for your social media channels with prompts and other goodies!

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