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FWH 017: The Secret Ingredient In Your Business that You Need to Leverage

FWH 017: The Secret Ingredient In Your Business that You Need to Leverage

What if instead of buying all the courses, listening to all the podcasts, and binging on blogs, you knew how you can grow your business with a little more ease?

You’ve heard the marketing click-bait that says “you can grow your 6 figure business by learning this one strategy” or “you have a choice. You can keep being stuck or you can buy this and it will change your life!” While those tools might help you to get where you want to go, there’s something you aren’t learning into that you already have.

In this episode, we’re diving into understanding more about you, your strengths, your needs in order grow your business.

It’s our job as business owners to grow not only our businesses but also the discernment to know whether something or somebody is truly resonant, making sense to our businesses and to the season of life we’re currently in. For strategy to work, it has to be in alignment or else they are null and void.

I propose a new model of business building that isn’t dominated by education:

  • Business strategy and best practices  + Self Assessment and Reflection

Instead of focusing solely on the business best practices and strategy, it’s our responsibility to also focus on turning into ourselves and learning about what’s important, what makes us tick, and what we want in order to determine whether something is going to work.

Understanding more about yourself means that you have a business that’s not cookie cutter, one that feels good and is tailor made to you.

We have created a gift for you!

If you don’t know where to focus, start with some self-reflection with our guide. Make sure you grab it here!

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