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FWH 016: CEO Report: Setting Data Driven Goals with 10 Minutes a Week

FWH 016: CEO Report: Setting Data Driven Goals with 10 Minutes a Week

What if I told you that you would be able to set data driven goals at the end of 2018 by just setting aside 10 minutes each week? We have a tool for you that allows you to start gathering data (even for the numbers-phobe)!

In order to set goals, you need to have an understanding of what has happened in the past. Without this information, you’re bound to keep making mistakes and keep spinning your wheels. Data is the quickest way to understand what’s working, what’s not, and ultimately making major progress on the things that matter to you!

It’s the beginning of a brand new quarter and in about 5 months everybody will be in a tizzy setting goals and buying new planners.

How do you typically decide on your goals? Maybe you have a history of starting projects but fail to finish them? Maybe it feels like you set goals and you forget them by the end of the month. If you’ve ever thought that you’re not very good at goal setting or that setting goals never works for you, it might just be that you aren’t sure what’s working or what’s not working.

We’re answering these questions in this week’s episode:

-What is a CEO Report
-Where the CEO Report came from
-What to include in your CEO Report


The CEO Report is a quick and easy way to capture what happened this week. It captures qualitative and quantitative data. You can use this information to understand (and remember!) trends in your business or in your industry. You can also use it to capture any kind of historical data for your business. A portion of this for me is a practice of mindfulness and journaling – I try to document what’s happening week-to-week so I can see how I’m growing not only my business but also my own personal development.

CEO Report came from a chapter in the Big Plan for the Creative Mind that I wrote with Dannie Fountain, my editor Jodi Brandon told me I HAD to create this as a freebie. So here we are.

Things you should include in the CEO Report

Make sure you grab the CEO report template here!

  1. Hard Data
    • Sales stats
    • Social stats
    • Number or inquiries
  2. Contextual Data (Qualitative)
    • What’s on your dreamy’s minds?
    • Holidays coming up
    • Current events
  3. How you’re feeling
  4. Celebrations you have (things to recognize in your business that’s AWESOME!)
  5. What you’re worried about (you’ll see yourself grow as you document this!)
  6. Word of the Year Reference – this is all about being reminded about the word you set so you don’t forget it and it’s an invitation next week to try again!

I can’t wait to see whether you’ll implement the CEO report. We’ve had so much fun feedback come in about how much this simple tool has helped people in their businesses! Can’t wait to see you grow your business with just 10 minutes each week!

We have created a gift for you!

If you don’t know where to start with the CEO Report, we have a template for you. Make sure you grab it here!

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Sustainable Habit Builder of the Day:

Your CEO Report Workflow + Habits

  1. Set a reminder or standing appointment on Friday (or any day that’s the “last day of the week” for you) toward the end of the day. – For me, it’s 3pm on Friday.
  2. Create a tool on Typeform (the tool I use) since it’s pretty!  
  3. Set it up so you get the submission in your email.
  4. In Typeform you’ll want to go to configure and set it up so it sends the response to your email address.
  5. In Gmail (if you use gmail,) set up a filter (inside of settings) where you’ll take the title of the response email and create a folder that takes all of those emails and puts them in one folder – I have it skip the inbox as well!
  6. Look at the data in the folder in regular intervals (end of the quarter / end of the year)

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