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FWH 014: The Simple Recipe for a Successful Peer Masterminds Retreat

FWH 014: The Simple Recipe for a Successful Peer Masterminds Retreat

Coming home from a retreat always has me reenergized, fueled, and inspired. It reaffirms my connection to the online world and to the people I’ve been able to meet and connect with online. In real life, there are small things that build relationships. It can be valuable way to connect with your community of online friends IRL.

Going in what I wanted to get reconnected to our vision and core. After a few big launches and massive amounts of content creation, I needed a check to see that we are and can continue to be aligned with where we set our compass for the business.

Going in, I wanted:

  • Specific feedback about how my peers/community perceive me and my message. What they honestly think about my brand and what I am known for.
  • To do an audit of the work product we have and the ways we communicate with our audience. In the past 3 years, we’ve done a lot of things, made changes in the business, and it’s time to dig deep and reevaluate what we keep and what goes.
  • To understand how to systematize and automate things in my business from the two systems ninjas I had in the room.

I reached out to a group of women who I admired to see if they would be interested in meeting up in real life for a retreat. They said yes and we got to planning!

We got on a zoom call:

  1. I introduced each person and why I reached out to each person.
  2. We each talked about what we wanted out of the retreat.
  3. Together, we decided on dates

After the call:

  1. We did research about locations and found a few Airbnbs in different states and narrowed it down based on the weather, cost of flights for each person, and the house’s attributes (we wanted a pool)
  2. Airbnb allows you to pool payments so each person can pay a portion of the cost of the house.
  3. We created a loose itinerary for the dates so we could have something to go with once we got there.

We brought:

  • Wall Post it notes
  • A white board and easel
  • Smaller post it notes and pens
  • Apple TV

The itinerary:

3 nights, 4 days (aka 2 FULL days of retreat work time)

DAY 1:

  • We all landed around noon-ish then had lunch together.
  • Checked into the house in the afternoon and got settled.
  • We went to dinner and went out on the town.
  • Then we got home and got in the pool.

DAY 2:

Spent 2 hours each on brainstorming and strategizing each person’s business questions:

  • Brainstormed names
  • Talked about profit margins
  • Reviewed statistics
  • Looked at the budget breakdown of expenses
  • Troubleshooted issues

What was so interesting to me was that in other people’s businesses, we can see things so clearly. We see others as being so competent and capable while we feel like we are not equipped or able. It’s just a reminder that we all experience these moments of doubt and we need others to reflect the goodness and our strength back to us.

Non-work things:

  • We had lunch ordered in from a local Thai place through a delivery app.
  • We decided to go to watch a movie together and had dinner.

DAY 3:

We started around 8 am to meet up with Hannah Black of Hannah Black Photography who took us around Austin to do a few shots in town. Then we came home and shot photos inside our gorgeous rental home. If you’re in Austin, I highly recommend Hannah. The three of us couldn’t say enough AMAZING things about her. If you want to hear more about how to hire a brand photographer, make sure you head over and listen to episode 012.

In the afternoon, we got to work on individual business things as discussed on Day 2. When we came across an issue, we’d ask the group and then we’d keep working and making progress.

The biggest thing on this day was that we mapped out all of our traffic sources, our offers and revenue sources, and the funnels that we have that work and don’t work. After putting post its on the wall side by side for each of our businesses, it was so enlightening to see that we all achieve success and financial security through completely differnt means.

On Day 3, I was working on:

  • A new Idea I wanted to bring to fruition
  • The goals and focus areas for Q3
  • Naming the secret project
  • Simplifying my business in a significant way – we called our group the Slashers because we each slashed things in our businesses that were no longer serving us, allowing to lighten our load so we can do things that fuel us more

Who I’d recommend have a peer retreat:

  • If you’re constantly seeing success and you’re consistent with making money in your business, you should consider having a peer retreat.
  • If you’re still trying to figure it out and you’re not sure where you’re going to get your next client or you’re not making consistent money in your business, you might want to look at investing in a leader led retreat.

We have created a gift for you!

I created a guide for you that will help you create the dream mastermind you’ve always wanted!

Sustainable Habit Builder of the Day:

Listen to your body. Your body is trying to tell you what’s going on. It might sound woo but your body feels feelings in other places than just your head. You know how when you get angry, you’ll feel tense or hot? That’s your body’s physiological response to the emotion. Similarly, getting in touch with your body will allow you to see how you’re responding to stressors in your life, to negativity, or fears. Where are you carrying some tension right now? Check in with your body and see if you can release it. Try doing this 3 times during your day this week.

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