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FWH 010: What They Got Wrong About Work Life Balance

FWH 010: What They Got Wrong About Work Life Balance

There are blogs upon blogs about work life balance. There are also dissenting opinions about the fact that balance doesn’t exist.

My theory falls somewhere in between and my philosophy about balance is that both parties have it wrong. Instead of thinking of absolutes, there’s a new way to think about how we manage our time, our responsibilities and our priorities.

Instead of there only being two options: work or life, we’re considering a third option. I like to think of our lives (and our time spent) falling into one of three squares.

  • Your WORK square
  • Your HOME square
  • Your YOU square

Because so many of the things in work and home aren’t optional – they’re responsibilities, they become priority. The commitments we make to ourselves become secondary. When was the last time you set forth to go to the gym every day but after the third day, you’ve fallen off the wagon and you’ve abandoned the goal.

We’re looking at the Three Squares as a way to curate your time spent and making sure that you’re acting in accordance of what you say your values are.

We have created a gift for you!

I created a visualization for you to listen to.  This visualization is helpful in clearing the mental clutter and slowing down enough to see the future potential life that you actually want. When you visualize it, it’s one step closer to becoming your reality.

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