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FWH 020: 9 Money Critters Block Your Earning Potential

FWH 020: 9 Money Critters Block Your Earning Potential

There’s a common misconception that making more money means that we have to work harder. There are some money mindset stories that might hold us back from our money potential!

Here are my the nine money mindset stories that I am chatting about in this episode:

  1. 🙅🏻‍The Limiter: Many feel that the supply of money in the world is limited and that there is nothing they can do to bring more money into their life.  They may find it difficult to make money and feel quite restricted by this. Often they may find it difficult to accept money, gifts and even compliments from others.
  2. 👻The Prude: They may have been bought up to believe that it is rude or improper to discuss money.  This can lead to a fear of money and of making financial decisions. This is not a healthy situation, as this can cost a person dearly over their lifetime.

    Being secretive and closed about money can make it seem shameful.  They are sometimes embarrassed at having more or less than their friends and therefore refuse to discuss it.  Money conversations in public can make them feel awful and they will do anything to avoid being drawn into a conversation like this.
  3. 🤑The Fearful: You fear having money. Anytime you do get money, you seem to spend it until there is none left.
    You never stop to think if you can afford something – if you see something you want, then you must have it.
  4. 🐿The Squirrel: Feeling secure and safe in the future is so important to some people that they leave themselves no money to enjoy now.  They are constantly worried about whether they have “enough” for the future and therefore any extra money is likely to get added to their savings and investments.  While planning for the future is important, it is also vital to enjoy every day and often these people miss out that bit!

    Another sign is when they have savings for the future and money in the bank, but they still feel and act as though they are skint. Their first reaction to everything is often “I’m skint” or “I can’t afford it”

    They hate spending money on unnecessary items. Every transaction feels like an effort and they really dislike handing over money.  Often they are reluctant to spend money…..ever.
  5. 👑 The Royal: Some people enjoy having bigger and better possessions than other people, because it makes them feel superior to them.  This is a dangerous trait, because it can end up in a never-ending spiral of competition and misery.
  6. 💸The Hoarder: Some people believe that they are “terrible with money” and constantly put themselves down.  “I have never been any good with money” “I can’t handle having money” “If I have money, I will just lose it anyway ”  Believing this to be true will eventually make it true! The power of believing that you can change and that you can be AMAZING with money is massive!

    People can keep considerable sums in savings accounts, so that they have money for a “rainy day”.  They are frightened of investing this money, because they don’t know enough about investing, but this costs them dearly as the value of their money is reduced year on year.
  7. 👿The Judger:  Many people have very negative feelings towards money and often towards people who have money. Ie: “All rich people are arrogant/spoiled/lucky…”Other common negative money thoughts are:
    “It’s shameful to be rich”
    “I don’t deserve to have a lot of money”
    “If I have money, people will be jealous and mean to me”
    “It’s a hassle having money”People who have negative views of money often say that they are not interested in money. They are vocal about having no desire for more money and insist that they are happy the way they are.  For some people, this is not a problem, and they are truly happy with what they have. However, for others this is a total money block that is holding them back.
  8. 😭The Emotional: Emotional spenders often have money mindset issues.  If they spend when they are sad, angry, miserable or happy then there is a chance that they are comfort spenders.  Other signs are never feeling satisfied with a purchase. It might make them happy briefly, but then they are off looking for the next purchase that will make them happy.  If you change your mindset, and deal with emotions behind it, then life can be much improved.
  9. 😱The Worrier: Some women worry about money constantly. It’s always on their mind. It keeps them awake at night and makes them feel ill. They worry that they don’t have enough and worry that they will never have enough. They worry about worrying about it! None of this worrying will help them in any way – it keeps them stuck in a cycle of worry and prevents them from taking action that would improve their situation.

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