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FWH 006: How To Package Your Services

FWH 006: How To Package Your Services

There are a lot of questions about how you can price your services and it might seem like only the way is the way your competition is doing it.

Packages and Pricing Models

-You get on a call or gather information about what the potential client is looking for and you pull together a proposal with the details of what they’re looking for. You detail the specifications, put a lot of thought and effort and often research into it. It’s thoughtful and carves out a plan of attack for the project
-Tailor made offer for each client where the experience is highly personalized.
-People spend a lot of time on their proposals and sometimes hear crickets from the potential client.

You have an offer that fits your ideal client. You know what they need and the outcome you can get for them so you create a container for the work to happen in.
-You can bring in a volume of clients for this offer and solve myriad problems with your skills
-The container allows for flexibility but might feel impersonal for some

Project Based – defined product at the end

(Consultant – hiring project, event designer – outcome of event)

  • Done for you services (copywriting, transcription, social media management, art commission)
  • Audit of your systems
  • Rebranding or website design

Hourly – how you price your time

This can be a whole other idea but you want to consider how many hours you can work on your client work vs. the time it takes to run your business, manage the marketing process, etc. You also want to include taxes and any other overhead you might have.

It’s not just the time you spend. The pricing will include the end result for your client, other things they will value like follow up, feedback, encouragement (and hearing what’s “normal”).

If you’re not making sales, here are my three big tips:

  1. Pick an offer you have // create an offer for the person who is in front of you right now.
  2. Don’t keep it hidden. Nikki Elledge Brown says, “you can’t sell a secret”
  3. You’re selling something because you know it’s a solution to somebody’s problem. What’s duh to you is mindblowing to others and don’t hide your gift. Don’t think about this as selling. You’re making an offer and whoever receives your offer is grown-up enough to be able to say Yes or No.

We’re answering these questions in this week’s episode:

  • There are different kinds of pricing you can do
  • What types of pricing / packaging you should offer
  • You’re allowed to be creative and do something that you love vs what everybody else offers

We have created a gift for you!

If you’re getting overwhelmed, please don’t, here’s your cheat sheet for the week – we took notes for you! Grab our Packaging Digest worksheet by clicking the button below.

Sustainable Habit Builder of the Day:

Look back on your Core values in your business (and if you don’t remember them go back to Episode 002) and take a moment to feel into that.

If your core value is freedom, feel that right now (sit quietly for 30 seconds)
If your core value is family, feel into what that means and think about a family memory
If your core value is adventure, think of the next adventure you’re going to have.

This activity is one form of visualization and connects your brain with your body – how often do we move through the world just go-go-going, not paying attention to how our body feels?

This visualization is a quick way to create a neural pathway or a cluster of brain cells that help us to create memories and primes your body to physically feel what we’ve imagined. We don’t need to go on that adventure, hug our kids, or be sitting on the beach. But my imagining it, our brains allow us to feel it. And for many of us it helps us to feel more grounded and connected to why we’re doing this in the first place.

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There are a lot of questions about how you can price your services and it might seem like only the way is the way your competition is doing it. #businesstips #entrepreneur #SmallBizTips #Entrepreneurship #Creatives | Reina + Co | Life + Biz Success Coaching Ⓡ
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