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Heart & Core
FWH 002: What do you stand for?

FWH 002: What do you stand for?

What does your business stand for?

What’s your purpose?

We start here because without this, without setting your compass to your north, you’ll be wandering and lost in the wilderness with no map.

And the analogy is that the long sessions you’re sitting on your couch doing the thumb scroll looking at everybody else’s instagram, wishing that their reality is your reality is like throwing away your GPS and attempting to make it from Texas to New York. If you don’t have a plan that’s set by you, you’ll find yourself on somebody else’s journey, and scratching your head about why it doesn’t feel right, or “is this all there is in life?”

This episode is all about your business heart and core.

Think of 3 people you admire for the way they live. Name them. You can know them in real life, maybe it’s a celebrity, maybe it’s somebody from a novel.

I want you to pause this and think about what the qualities of why you admire them.

What are the qualities you see a small twinkle of in you and how would you like to show up more like those qualities you admire?

This practice isn’t about becoming somebody else. It’s about enhancing some of the inherent qualities within you that you want to lean more into and showcase more front and center.

Was it your mom’s tenacity?

Is it Emma Watson’s ability to elegantly speak truth?

Is it your pastor who gives courage to people who feel broken and lost?

What are those qualities that you see in others that you know you’d like to embody?

These qualities might be a springboard for how you’ll figure out what your foundational statements (why statement, Mission statement, your core values)

I want you to now think about the function of your company. With you as its leader, you want to BEGIN to define what the company stands for.

If you’ve been in business and you have never done this exercise, I challenge you to try it! You have more context and can create a robust Fueled with Heart Statement than somebody who might just be starting out.

The mission and core values are what support the vision that you create for your company. It helps to shape the culture and reflect what the company’s values.

While it might feel silly to think about these things when you feel like you want to go head first into figuring out how to get your first clients, knowing what’s important to you and your brand can help you avoid a lot of heartache in the future.

Core values for me has always been the lens through which I make decisions in my business. In growing my business, in growing our team, in taking on new projects or clients, our values have been front and center. When we have those guiding principles, it makes it much easier to make progress on the things that matter.

So some people talk about their WHY. That’s important and this is right in line with what we’re discussing. I typically like to think about it in terms of your mission/values OR something like a Manifesto. Basically, what is it that you believe as a company.

I’m the kind of person who gets caught up in the format and the way it’s displayed so forever, I dragged my feet to be able to articulate what was important but I want to encourage you to jot it down on paper.

We have created a gift for you!

We have a Surprising Things You Are Missing workbook for you that you can grab that has numerous prompts to help you in your self discovery that you can grab by texting FWH002 to 44222. If you’ve wanted to figure out what your why is or what your personal and business core values are, head over to grab that by texting FWH002 to 44222.

Sustainable Habit Builder of the Day:

It is sexy to start on the other stuff like social media, like marketing, like branding and having a website. But nothing compares to starting with intention and knowing that you put thought into putting something together.

The caveat of that is that this process isn’t perfect when you start and sit down once. And I don’t want you to wait. You gotta put something on paper, then pick up and start putting things into action. So like we talked about in episode 1, it’s about the being and doing. Think about what’s important. Don’t wait for the perfect everything. In fact, once you have this on paper and you start getting yourself out there and getting clients, you’ll notice that you’ll want to take and tweak the Fueled with Heart documents, as I like to call them and they will be ever evolving because your experiences allow for more nuanced understanding of your brand.

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What does your business stand for? This practice isn’t about becoming somebody else. It’s about enhancing some of the inherent qualities within you that you want to lean more into and showcase more front and center. #entrepreneur #SmallBizTips #Entrepreneurship #Creatives #creativepreneur | Reina + Co | Life + Biz Success Coaching Ⓡ
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