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FWH 001: The 7 Segments to Master in Your Business

FWH 001: The 7 Segments to Master in Your Business

I’m so so excited you’re here for Episode #1. Officially welcome to my little corner of the podcast world. I’m so excited to be your guide

This episode is a sneak peek about what’s coming in this season of the Fueled with Heart Podcast and the things we’ll be keeping in mind as we create content for you.

I believe that there are super important things you need to do to get successful in business, but even more important than that, you stay in business and make the kind of impact you want to make. While we’ll talk about finances and making more dolla dolla bills, it’s really more about how can we get you to where you’re happy in both life and in business.

Here’s the flip side or something you might be epitomizing. In one of the first programs I ever invested in, there was a woman who I so admired when I was starting my business. She looked like she was killing it. She was a blogger and it looked like she was getting sponsored by huge brands, traveling all over, wearing beautiful clothes. I was like, wow, that’s really something. I didn’t necessarily want that but I wanted to do what made me happy and to have the money and ability to make freedom based decisions.

Well turns out, that your idols don’t always have it figured out. In fact, over the course of the program, it became evident to me that she was very much in the red with her business, she felt like she was floundering, and she was even to the point of loaning money or taking a quote unquote real job.

There’s nothing wrong with deciding to take a traditional job. However, if you’re in a position of influence like she was, it seems deceptive and felt icky to me.

This podcast isn’t about hitting six figures, seven figures, becoming a multimillionaire. If that’s your goal, that’s awesome. But this is about being MINDFUL and intentional about the way you build your business.

Let me tell you a little about the Fueled with Heart model and how the podcast topics were created.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about verticals (and if you haven’t you can go to reinaandco.com/verticals) it’s this concept that as a content creator, a service provider, you want to be seen as an expert. By creating verticals and intentional path for your audience to find you and buy from you, you’re creating the ultimate nurtured sequence.

I have a 7 Segment system that you can follow in year one, year three, year five in your business. I’ve used these topics I’m going to be talking with you each episode with clients at varying stages of business and I’m hoping that it will make sense for the season you’re in currently!

Each episode will dive into one of these 7 segments (I visualize a slice of a grapefruit) and dive into each one so you can listen and ingest the info then take the exercise we have in store for you starting on episode two and you can digest the info!

Fueled with Heart is a necessary mix of being and doing. The active and the reflective. If your MO is to constantly be doing #all the things, this might feel super foreign to you, but incremental progress is the name of the game here and if you’re here to figure out the one thing that’s going to make your business explode, this podcast isn’t for you!

We have created a gift for you!

Text FUELEDWITHHEART to 44222 to take our quiz to figure out where you might want to focus more energy!

Sustainable Habit Builder of the Day:

Tidy your space. Wherever you spend the MOST TIME, spend 10 minutes to clean up. If that’s your office. Your car, your bedroom. Wherever you spend lots of time and feel kind of cluttered and anxious by, set a timer, listen to a podcast episode and tidy it up. You’ll be so surprised how much lighter it makes you.

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