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Fueled with Heart: What’s Coming Up at Reina + Co

Fueled with Heart: What’s Coming Up at Reina + Co

Starting my business

When I started my business, it was from the perspective of a social worker. I wanted to make an impact. Also, I wanted to use my skills for good and to be able to support people in a way that felt like I was using the best of my skills and also meeting my clients where they were at. That’s what I did as a social worker! I loved being able to talk to people and creating businesses that really grew.

One of the things that I was in conflict with—and I’ve really grown out of over the past couple of years—was my money mindset. I came from this social worker mindset of ‘will work for change’. We had a t-shirt in grad school that said that on it and our Dean got so mad at us! Ultimately, it was demeaning of our industry that we were working for pennies. However, it was sort of our reality at the time.

It’s my understanding now, that people who are heart-centered—people who are fueled with heart—need to be making differences and impact, as well as money. So, it’s been a change of heart for me to continue to be heart-centered but also putting profit and making money on the same level as serving.

What’s changing

The new brand of Heart-Centered Biz Bosses is going to be Fueled With Heart: Profit + Serve. This Profit + Serve model is really all about knowing that you can do both. You are both heart-centered and want to serve as well as being able to profit from the things that you are doing for the world. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s really cool to be able to make that kind of a difference.

At the very beginning of my business, I hid behind the shield of wanting to serve and putting people first. (I can finally admit that now!) Obviously, you’re going to continue to do that! However, there is nothing wrong with making more money too.

Over the course of the past couple of years and growing my money mindset, it’s really made me realize that people who are able to do good, money just magnifies that. So, wanting to make an impact and wanting to make money can go hand-in-hand.

That’s why I think that the Fueled With Heart model works even better than the Heart Centered Biz Bosses model, where we said that we put people first. It’s not only people first—it’s people and profit at the same time. It’s the power of doing both at the same time.

Now that I know what’s changing, it’s a really clear picture for me about what I want to see happen with the community and what I want us as heart-centered people to be able to do with our businesses. I want us to be able to use our skills and talents to impact the world and to be able to give back—or to be able to do those things that matter to us like giving back to our families, providing for the kind of lifestyle that we want—and all the while, concentrating on the sustainability and profitability of our businesses and our lives.

What’s not changing

Okay, so here’s what’s not changing between Heart Centered Biz Bosses and the Fueled With Heart group. The core values will stay the same. Our core values are as follows:

  • We believe that being intentional is essential to being a happy entrepreneur.
  • We believe in sustainability and profitability for our Fueled With Heart group.
  • We believe in collaboration and encouragement.
  • We believe in the power of reflection and self-knowledge.
  • We believe that success is defined by each person.

Whatever your level of success is, you need to be chasing that instead of someone else’s. Whether than means you want to connect with a million people or you want to make $100 more than what you were making in corporate. Whatever your goal is, pursue that!

That’s what’s changing and not changing. Ultimately, the intentionality of this group is the same. What else is the same, is my continued mindset around the “& co.” of my business. Of course, you guys know my business name: Reina & co. The “& co.” has always meant that we will stand by you. Everyone is welcome. There’s a community and inclusiveness mindset that I want us to embrace more of. That has not changed.

The “& co.” to me means my team, my clients, this community, the people who are part of my newsletter list, people who are part of my social media and so on. All of these people embody the “& co.” and I want to just say, thank you for being here and you are welcome to sit with us!

What we stand for

Our mission and our values are also not changing. After all, our mission is to help creative female business owners create sustainable and heart-centered profitable businesses that impact their communities, families and worlds. The bigger picture vision is that, I believe in a world where women are the anchors of their families and their communities.

We believe in a world where people are fueled by passion and purpose. That’s really what being fueled with heart means. It’s being fueled with passion and purpose every single day and being empowered to live with confidence and positivity to make a really big impact.

Those things are not changing for us. We continue to be fueled with heart so that we can pursue the passions and purpose that we want to find in our lives. I want people to feel fulfilled—not just that they’re running these businesses that don’t fill them up!

So, what we will do—and continue to do—is help our clients and community members to live more purposefully, more wholeheartedly and to continue to challenge the status quo. We want to create a space for all entrepreneurs, introverted and extroverted alike. Furthermore, to have a voice and to believe that they can have an immense impact.

We’re aiming to cultivate a community of loving, caring, heart-centered people who want to create a difference with their work and with their lives. Like I’ve said before, I want to create a space for intentional inclusion. Also, to continue to push our clients so that they live bigger and bolder lives—whatever that looks like for them! For instance, to go back to their hope of what success looks like, and to figure out what bigger & bolder looks like for them.

Something that we will never do—something that we do not stand for—is to sell something we don’t feel compelled to, or doing something just for the sake of money. We just won’t do that, profit be darned! Yes, profit is great, but not at the expense of purpose or intentionality. We will never forget what our strengths are and we will never stop learning! This is something that’s really important to the fabric of Reina & co. as well as the Fueled With Heart community.

We will continue to lean on each other, to learn and to know that you’re not an expert at all the things but that you want to learn from others and build on their skills so that you can be stronger, better, faster.

The next phase

Accordingly, you’re going to start seeing some changes in the group. If you hop on over to what used to be the Heart Centered Biz Bosses group—now the Fueled With Heart group—you’ll be seeing that this community will look a little bit different. It’s still inclusive, it’s still small and intimate, but what we want to do is create reasons and ways to be able to profit and to serve. To have both of those things equally is important to me!

In the next six months or so, you’ll start to see some secret projects that I’m planning right now that will start to trickle out. I hope that these are projects that you’ve already told me you’re interested in and things that you want to learn about yourself through your business and to have a more purposeful life.

Keep your eyes peeled for those experiences! If you’re interested in hearing more about these, I would love for you to engage with us and let us know.

We have set the word “flagship” for our 2018 word of the year for Reina & co. To me, this word means that we get to set an anchor in the way that we run businesses—the way we teach business, the way we lead people to think of themselves as business owners.

I am so excited to roll out some things that I think are going to help you grow sustainable and profitable businesses! The kind of businesses that make you really excited to be in them. It’s not about building businesses for the sake of just money, it’s not just business for the sake of serving people at the detriment of your time, energy and resources. This is both.

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