Best Friends For Frosting

“In this article for Best Friends for Frosting I wrote about How to Break Free of Chasing Perfection, which is a topic so near and dear to my heart. I focus on celebrating the small successes while you’re making progress, and other tips on how to break free.”


The Huffington Post

In this article for the Huffington Post I wrote an effective guide for introverts on how to network like a pro. It features my top 10 tips on how to network with confidence, even if you don’t typically love networking.”


The Rising Tide Society

“I have had the privilege of writing for The Rising Tide Society’s blog multiple times alongside co-hosting webinars with them. I have written guides on how to price your services the heart-centered way; how to set goals that don’t suck; and how to find your ideal client.”  Pricing Your Services | Goal Setting | Finding Ideal Clients 

She Percolates

She Percolates

“I was so honored to be interviewed by the ladies of She Percolates about taking measured risks, giving back as part of being successful, my Heart Centered Biz Bosses Facebook Group, and my financial goals to build a school with Pencils for Promise.


Boss Mom

“I was featured on the Boss Mom Podcast in addition to being a featured boss mom of the week. In my interviews I talk about the myth of work life balance, how to translate your personal values into your business, and all about my hustle strategy.” Podcast here 



Katie Williamsen’s Social Media Mavens

“I am so happy to have been Katie’s first Social Media Maven, an interview series with inspiring lady bosses about how they use social media to grow their business.”

Market Like A Nerd

We’re Episode 43!

Entrepreneur On Fire