What should I know when hiring a coach?

Anybody can call themselves a Life or Business Coach. If it’s important to you that somebody you hire has credentials to make an impact in your life, ask about their training. Coaches who go through formal training have the tools to ask tough questions that get you into the right frame of mind to dig deep. These Coaches are trained to listen deeply and to hear what’s under the words you’re saying. They hold space for you to explore and uncover answers. What you’ll find less of with this kind of coach is the “one size fits all” consulting method where they prescribe ways to change things in your life or your business that feel in-authentic to you.

The most important thing is to trust your gut. Does your interaction with a Coach feel like a match made in heaven or just super awkward? Listen to that gut instinct. It’s probably correct. The International Coaching Federation accredits Coaches; however, you don’t need to be certified through them to call yourself a coach.

What’s the difference between a coach and a _______?

→ consultant: A consultant comes into your business or life and assess a particular issue. They give you ways you will change the way that you operate and gives you action items. Additionally, you will be given professional perspectives on the way that you function in your business.

→ cheerleader: I’ve been there. I’ve been a cheerleader. You ra-ra somebody when things are getting tough, even when the outlook doesn’t look great. Everything is always hunky-dory. A coach reflects your fears, your realities, as ugly or beautiful as they might be and help you see other perspectives and options.

→ friend: Yep, you probably have a friend who is great at listening. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe your husband gives you solutions when all you want to do is vent. A coach is different than all these people because of the way we’re invested in your life and biz. We are objective in the way we see your life. We want you to get the level of success you want for yourself, nothing more, nothing less. We hold you accountable to your dreams and your goals. We also act as a mirror when you can’t see your greatness. Great coaches push back on your Mean Girl and point out that she’s doing a little too much talking.

I’m looking for a business coach. Why would you use life coaching tools to help me?

You want to see movement in your business so why am I working to uncover your thoughts and feelings? It’s because someof the reason you’re feeling stuck in your business is because of these feelings. Feelings of fear, inadequacy, playing small are things that need to get worked on before we can have a kick-ass conversation about your brand or your clients.

Another thing is that although you’re a business owner, you’re also a bunch of different things as well. Sometimes, the other roles we play are more important than the business and that can get in the way of achieving dreams. Having a frank discussion about your other commitments can help lead to making changes in your work.

What topics do we cover in sessions?

Depending on your needs and the duration of our time together, we will work on a wide range of topics. When we start our work together, we will have a conversation about what you’d like to see different in your life and biz and we will come up with ways to discuss each of the components.

Some of the frequently discussed topics are: prioritizing yourself + self care; time management; taking back your identity; creating incentives for achievement; fear of failure.

How long should I work with a coach?

I offer 3, 6 and 12 month coaching packages which include up to 3 calls in one month. Before deciding on a number of months, it’s wise to set up a call with me to talk about your hopes and expectations. I’ll tell you what my opinion of how much time I think you’ll need to accomplish those goals. Something to note is that I’m committed to making sure you feel 100% satisfied and motivated.

What are the benefits of hiring a coach?

Goodness! What aren’t the benefits of hiring a coach? Coaches are affirming. They fulfill your innate need to be heard. They truly listen to your words but skilled coaches are able to hear the longing of your heart. They are able to tease out resistance you’re feeling but not saying. You also learn to take a compliment when you work with a coach, because they tell you all the reasons you’re awesome.

Working with a coach can get you from point A to point P so much faster than you could achieve it on your own. They help you ways to fill your tank quickly and to feel sense of purpose and passion. These things translate into your normal life; when you’re feeling fulfilled, you’re a better ____ (everything else). You’re a better mom, wife, teacher, cook, entrepreneur, friend, daughter, athlete…