Creative Empire Podcast

The Creative Empire podcast is the top-rated podcast that focuses on bringing you fresh, forward-thinking content that’s previously only been available at conferences, workshops and retreats.

Each week, Reina Pomeroy, the life + biz success coach at Reina + Co, and Christina Scalera, the attorney for creatives, chat with industry influencers to help you understand and develop the business side of your creative hustle.

We talk to acclaimed business owners and speakers about:

  • How to turn a unique idea into a booming business
  • How to make the transition to full time creative entrepreneur
  • Why you should self-promote (and not see it as bragging!)
  • Why women should be more confident about their expertise
  • How to deal with imperfections as a creative entrepreneur
  • Why you should stop making excuses and how you can make your creative entrepreneur dreams happen
  • How to make a big social impact, even if you’re a small biz owner
  • and more!

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