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Stop Slacking: Use the Course you bought!

I know you bought that course. I know you bought it and you let it sit in your inbox. Let me guess. You logged in once or twice and even printed a worksheet but never did the work. Or (gasp), you never even looked at it after you bought it.

There was a reason you purchased it, but you didn’t look at it or complete it after you bought it.

I’ve done this too. When I buy a course, I’m pouncing on the opportunity of the open cart; many of these products are only released at certain times in the year which results in me not being able to buy it when I actually need it. So ultimately it becomes a hoarding situation where I’m buying something for “future me” and anticipating my need for something. I purchase it because I know at some point I’ll want to use it, but often I create no plan on how to leverage the course to see the return on the investment. (Side resolution: No more buying course without knowing exactly what I/you want to accomplish with it)

This is a blog post to incentivize me to actually use the resources I pay for and I know that’s what you want for yourself as well. So let’s do this together.

New Year’s Resolution: Complete the Course You bought!

  1. Remind yourself why you bought the course. What was it that prompted you to press purchase? Getting back to the reason will help you identify if a) this was an impulse buy and you shouldn’t have bought it, b) you know you’ll need it for when xyz happens, or c) you actually learn or improve something in your business/life right now. After identifying this, you’ll want to make this more of a priority in your eyes. Out of sight, out of mind is a real issue – bring it front and center so you actually start utilizing it!
  2. Go into the course and create an outline for yourself. Knowing what is included in the course (modules, bonuses, audio content, etc.) is critical in figuring out how to allocate your time toward this. Sometimes, there are modules that you don’t need to do all of. Take a cursory glance and identify which ones you must do to be able to make sure that you’re getting the ROI you identified.
  3. Decide if you need to complete the course or if you need a team member to complete the course and report back. Yep, that’s right. I’ve purchased courses for my teammates to use. It ultimately benefits the business but it doesn’t necessarily have to be used by you. Legally, though, you can’t pass it from your business to somebody else’s. That’s just something you’ll want to stay away from.

  4. In the Facebook group for the course, find an accountability buddy. Many courses have Facebook communities just for the students of the course. Utilize this to find an accountability buddy who is also in need of somebody to hold them accountable! Maybe both of you will actually get it done!

  5. Give yourself enough time to actually complete it. Go to step 2 and take a look at the course outline and schedule time in your calendar to consume that information. For example, module 2 is 35 minutes, schedule out an hour so you can actually start implementing the content you learn. Pro tip: Add the link of the course and password to your calendar event so you don’t have to go digging for it when you’re scheduled to consume the information!

  6. Take time to give the creator feedback. Being a star student of a course is a wonderful way to show the instructor kudos. It not only gives them good vibes but it allows you to show your appreciation for their work which has the power to land you on their map if they know you in no other context.

What’s the thing that’s been keeping you from utilizing the course you purchased? How will you tackle it this year?

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