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Choosing a Conference that will BOOST your Business!

Choosing a Conference that will BOOST your Business!

Attending a conference has so many possible positive impacts for your business. I’m guessing that the first you think about when you read about conferences is how expensive it is and that you cannot go. I’m not here to convince you that going to a conference is for you or not, but I’m going to make a case for why it’s a good investment and how to make the most of it.

YES It’s an Investment!

As with any investment you make in your business, it’s a calculated risk. My challenge to you is, when you look at a conference, don’t think of the money as the deciding factor. If you go in with the mindset, “how can I make this happen?” and “Is this going to yield results in my business that I want?” Make the money part of the decision but not the whole reason.

It’s an investment of your time to step away from your business. But if your work is important to you, as I know it is, it’s crucial to work ON your business, not just IN your business. If you don’t take the time to grow as a business owner, your fast pace won’t get you to where you want to be going. So commit to figuring out what tools you can use to grow.

Investments are worth making if you can articulate what the return on the investment (ROI) will be for your business. Here are some ways you might see ROI from a conference in your business:

  • You might learn something at a conference that ultimately helps to to create a new income stream in your business.
  • You  might meet an accountability buddy that needs exactly what you need so you can support one another.
  • You might meet a mentor who you click with that is a few steps of you in business and helps you to explore new options for your business and how to do the work you do.
  • You’ll meet influencers and make an impression on people who are possible decision makers about future opportunities that could help to catapult your business. (this is my favorite one!)
  • You’ll meet a tribe of people who are just like you and will help you to feel less alone when you get home.


How to Pick a Conference That’s Right for You

Don’t throw your money at any old conference that’s out there. I’d really recommend that you do your research, do some soul-searching, have conversations with people and articulate what is important to you.

First, I recommend that you think about your business and how you want to see it grow in a year. What are the possible puzzle pieces that will help to grow it? Do you need information, people, money, connections, courage – what is it that you want? Once you know where you need to go and the pieces of that puzzle, see which conferences have people who might be able to be part of that.

Second, do your research. Most conferences will put out speakers and cost out front. Before you say “no” because of the price, look at what the possible opportunities are by attending the conference – Does the conference you’re investigating have a few influential people in your industry that you can’t wait to learn from?

Third, have conversations with people about conferences. I’m pretty sure you’re part of at least one facebook group (like the Heart Centered Biz Bosses – if you aren’t, you gotta join!), and you can ask these bosses they have found to have great information, connections, networking opportunities, etc. I’d recommend that you be open minded but also critical of the possibility that people have different goals for attending conferences.

And finally, I’d reach out to the conference organizer whether it be through social media or via email – to send them a quick note letting them know that you’re super interested and what you hope to gain from the experience.

FullSizeRenderI’m attending some awesome conferences this year. Particularly, I’m pumped about the Savvy Business Owners Conference in Phoenix, AZ this August. This conference is so fascinating to me because it goes through the tried and true method that Heather Crabtree teaches her students in the Savvy Business Circle. It’s for people who want to GROW in their business without adding a lot of to dos to their list, to UP LEVEL and stop playing small. I welcome you to reach out to me if you have questions about which conferences I choose to attend!

Homework: What are the puzzle pieces that you need for you to grow into the vision you have for your business? Which conferences have some of those opportunities or connections?


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