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Creative Collaborations: COLOR Stock Photography


COLOR Stock Photography

The Creative behind Turquoise & Palm has launched COLOR, a stock image brand specifically for creatives. She saw a gap in the industry which she is now filling! Creatives with no photography background and have an audience which craves visuals (isn’t that ALL creatives?) need photos that are fantastic quality and that don’t break the bank!

Meet Alli of Turquoise & Palm. She’s been a professional photographer for over 7 years and has a huge library of photography to share to her members. When you sign up for a membership, you’ll get access to over 1,000 images in the gallery to use for your own business!

She created COLOR because Alli can relate to the challenge of keeping up with social media and online presence, on top of all the other responsibilities of a small business owner. She wanted to provide high-quality imagery to others, so that they can show off their brand and get back to doing the work they love! COLOR is an incredibly organized and versatile photo site. It includes photos in both Instagram (square) format and high-resolution landscape and portrait formats, and everything is categorized so you can find exactly what you need.

Some of the images included are: event, lifestyle and home décor details, florals, food and grown-up drinks, landscapes and travel, abstracts, and backgrounds. Everything is bright, cheerful, and (of course) colorful – consider it the antidote to boring, generic stock photography!
That’s just the beginning, though – there’s tons more to explore and Alli is already planning some amazing collaborations with other stylists and photographers. As a COLOR subscriber, you’ll have access to everything as it goes live (and you’ll be the first to know when new images are published!), and you’ll also receive free exclusive images delivered right to your inbox each month. How EASY-Peasy!

COLOR Stock Photography, Turquoise & Palm. Collaboration with www.reinaandco.com

Alli is part of my Heart-Centered Biz Bosses Facebook Group (Join Here) and has graciously offered me a trial membership to COLOR in exchange for me helping to promote her product. However, I’d support her and her launch regardless of the added bonus because I think it’s really beneficial for you, my beloved audience!

To check out more, to go Alli’s Instagram: @turquoiseandpalm

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