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What type of accountability fits your business?

What type of accountability fits your business?

When I speak to women in business, I often hear “I need accountability!” While I do believe that people need to have accountability to get their work completed, that’s not the first thing people need to understand about the work they’re setting forth to accomplish. In fact, it is almost toward the end of the planning phase that one would need to examine her need for accountability to execute a project. Goal setting and project planning include a much bigger range of topics and the first stop is to understand what kind of a thinker and planner you are.

Your dominant planning personality

Let’s see if you have a dominant planning personality when you’re working on a project of your own! Think of a specific project or a few project you’ve worked on in the past and answer these questions honestly.

This isn’t about how you advise others work do their work.

It’s about how you see your own personal projects.

  1. From the time you get a great idea until your project is executed, how long does it take?

Forever. It really never happens. (1)

It takes me a little while but it’s not on the back burner for long. (5)

I think of the idea and I get inspired to do it so it gets done quickly (10)

  1. When you think of a big project, what’s your reaction?

I get super overwhelmed by all the things I have to do and don’t know what to do first! (1)

I do a little at a time. It’s a lot of work but it gets done. (5)

I can see the path clearly and I know how to go from A to Z (10)

  1. When thinking about projects, what do you struggle with most?

I struggle with figuring out where to start. (1)

I need help finding more ideas of things I can do because when I’m inspired, I get super excited and it gets done quickly. (10)

Doing things can be a bit of a challenge but what I struggle with most is understanding how the project fits into the big picture (5)


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If you chose mostly 1, you’re a Skyscraper!

Prominent traits of Skyscrapers:

  • You’re a big picture thinker and are a total visionary
  • You see what the world looks like in the most ideal sense and what impact you can make
  • You’re a big, bold, brave thinker who isn’t limited by “is this possible?”

Here’s where Skyscrapers need help:

  • You tend to get overwhelmed by a long to-do list and don’t know where to begin
  • You need help in seeing the next step
  • You want somebody to say “here’s what you need to do” in order to take action

Your super power as a Skyscraper is that you can have big ideas and goals. You see beyond what’s in the here and now and you’re able to see what’s possible. What’s incredible with your personality is that you can see the need for a type of service or product and how it can change your life or the world. You need help in getting direction on how to get the ball rolling. It helps when somebody guides you into understanding what the next steps are. You certainly can figure them out but you often find yourself moving one step forward and two steps back. You have started many projects but fail to complete them.

So much potential: Find teammates, business friends, coaches, accountability buddies who are more of a Builder so they can help you see the plan and the steps.

If you chose mostly 10, you’re a Builder!

Prominent traits of Builders:

  • You’re great at coming up with a plan for a project and you know the exact steps you have to take
  • You’re great at getting to it quickly so projects are executed at a fast speed
  • You see yourself as a “do-er” and can do quality work quickly to get it done

Here’s where Builders need help:

  • You often plan the small, short game because you don’t see the BIG picture
  • You need help in finding “new goals” because once you can see the goal, you get it done quickly
  • You struggle with seeing the bigger picture and the future of where it’s all going

Your super power is execution. Once you see it, you can achieve it quickly! You know how to go from idea to planning, planning to execution. You’re able to plot out a project with ease. Where you struggle is stepping back and seeing the bigger picture. A goal might feel not as sexy as a vision because once you can see the goal, you know exactly how to get to the various milestones to be able to achieve it. You don’t know where it is all going and get frustrated by the exercises that try to get you to see the “bigger picture” because you don’t know where it’s all going.

Working with a sky scraper can help you do dream big! If you start resisting an idea, ask yourself, “am i resisting this because it feels too big or is it because I’m not actually interested?” Don’t play hard to get with your goals.

If you’re mostly a 5, you’re in between and you probably have one dominant type personality. If you’re being super honest, which one do you identify more with? Dreaming Sky Scraper or the Active, goal-setting Builder?

Entrepreneurs need them both

In order to be successful entrepreneurs, we need to have a streak of both traits. Because you’re a builder doesn’t mean that you have NO Skyscraper traits. You have to know how to execute on some level and do visioning on another. Without it, we’d be directionless and a spinning cycle of ideas. This personality assessment is meant to be an encourager to learn more about your dominant personality type so you can grow to accommodate your strengths!

Also, this quiz is meant to show you what you do when you’re working on a project for yourself. We all have a much clearer perspective when it’s somebody else’s project or work. Base it on the perceptions you have for your own work. It also helps if you can pretend that the project you’re working on or the visioning you’re trying to do is for somebody else. Stepping back for both personality types can yield in great results!

Accountability and where to go next!

Accountability is the vehicle to get you from point A to point B and it’s an important tool for the project execution process; when you know how to ask for help, whether it be for accountability and helping to understand what’s next in the plan or to get help in seeing the bigger picture, more is possible for our entrepreneurial journeys.



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