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Brave Life: Getting Exactly What You Need

Brave Life: Getting Exactly What You Need

Let’s talk about what you want. We’ll also talk about how to get that without being a jerk, or a self-centered person, or a pre-schooler.

It’s my guess that you want to have a business that is truly fulfilling to you. You want a business that is based on you calling the shots, you getting to do work you love every single day. You want to take of as much time as you want. You’d get paid all the money you need and some extra money you’d want for fun. You want to be able to travel or to support your family. You want to grow your business into something big and fun. You want to show your teenage year bullies “hah! I’ve made it, and what have you done with yourself?” No? Just me? Okay.

I’ve talked about my experiences of being a mom here; it’s been a tough journey but a worthwhile one for my family. There have been long nights, stressful days, and plenty of “holy cow, why am I still working?” struggles. I’ve had to remind myself that work isn’t the only thing that I was put on this earth to do and that I have to remember that my family and my health need me to focus on them too.

If you’re in a season of hustle, I feel you – I’m there some days. But there’s a way out. The key is, you have to choose that way out.

If you’re looking for success, there’s a path to your success too.

Here’s how to get exactly what you want:

    1. Being really clear with yourself what it is you want. Do you want simplicity in your life? Do you want more money? Do you want better (or more!) clients?
    2. Ask for what you need. This isn’t meant to be as woo-woo as it sounds. You could put it out into the universe, but really, what I mean is, tell people who you chat with what it is you want more of. More connection, more acceptance, more inquiries. Whatever it is, when you ask for it, it convinces you more that you want it, which ends up leading to action.
    3. Work hard toward what it is you want. Woo-woo, law of attraction or not, you have to work toward what you want or nothing will ever happen. Your momentum will help you to achieve your goals. What are you willing to work toward?
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