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How to go From Struggling to Fully Booked: The Social Glue Method

How to go From Struggling to Fully Booked: The Social Glue Method

You’re struggling with getting your message out there. You’re the only one who is offering the thing you’re offering. You’re the only one saying it the same way you’re saying it.

You want more clients,  more revenue, more impact. Closing that sale wouldn’t be nearly that hard if only people would just come to your website or learn about you. But right now, people don’t know about you.

You’re wanting to show people how amazeballs your services are but they just don’t come! They don’t engage with your social media (which is your primary marketing method), they’re not visiting your website, they’re not inquiring about your services. You’re getting discouraged. You’re starting to think, “okay, maybe I need to pay for ads” or “I need to hire somebody to help me with this.” But you’re not making enough money to justify the cost of ads or getting help in this area. Chicken and egg, right?

What if I told you there’s a different way? That you don’t have to spend anything but a concentrated amount of time and energy in order to have people raving about you and your services so your inquiries are constantly flooding in. No more groveling. No more wondering. No more feeling like you’re on your own island of silence.

The Social Glue Method

A few people have recently told me that I’m pretty good at marketing. Every time my name and marketing are in the same sentence, I roll my eyes. I am not trained in that, I don’t really know what I’m doing, I don’t spend any money on advertising… what could I possibly know about marketing? It turns out, people give me more credit than I give myself.

Here’s what I’ve learned about marketing and while this isn’t the end all, be all, these are the techniques I’ve used to grow from no clients to a fully booked practice with a waitlist. I’m talking about the Social Glue Method. 

The Social Glue Philosophy

The only way this method works is if you believe that your top priority is to connect with people, to get to know them, get to learn more about their business, and to support them in what they want in life and in business. Basically, be a friend. You don’t go into a non-business friendship needing things from the other person, you become friends because you hit it off and you like them! So, drop any ulterior motive, drop trying to “market” or “sell” to them. Your main motive is to give to them and to pour into the relationship freely.

The crux of this process is to connect your new friend with a person, a resource, an idea. You want to give them support or connections that would be valuable to them! If you don’t have anything to offer, you still have the ability to cheer them on and encourage them from time to time.

How to Take Action

  1. Make a list of people who you want to connect with. Think about people who you know from online, people who you’ve admired from afar, people who might be tangentially related to your line of work but who you think is doing cool work.
  2. Reach out to at least 3 people per week (ideally you’d work up to 5 people per week) and introduce yourself, connect with them. You can start easy. Start by connecting with people who you’ve seen online, who are “at your level” in business. Then connect with people who might be in different focus fields, or people who are a little more advanced.
  3. The purpose is to try to get on a call or to build a rapport with these people. You’re trying to find out what they might need in their lives or business that you can either help them with or to connect them with something they need or a person who they might find valuable. If you have nothing to offer, you can still be encouraging by sending messages every so often so you stay top of mind.
  4. The call: The main questions I ask are:
    • How did you get to where you are?
    • What are you working on now?
    • How can I support you or who can I connect you with?
    • (If this feels like a good fit) I’d love to collaborate with you, how do you envision we can do something together?
  5. When you get off of your call, actually follow up. Do what you’d say you do. *PRO TIP* Add a note in your calendar 3 months after your initial call to remind yourself to follow up with them – if you haven’t talked in 3 months, it’s important to circle back or just message them to get in touch!

This model is completely based on you believing in supporting other’s needs. It’s not about you being a martyr or becoming bitter about people always taking from you. When you invest time and energy into this method, there are opportunities to feel more connected, fulfilled and excited.

Why You Should + How it Helps (The Social Glue Method Results)

Cheerleaders, raving fans, feeling like you’re part of a tribe – these people will be the ones who tag you in facebook groups and recommend you to others. You’ll feel connected to others who “get you”.

The effects and results are entirely dependent on you; however there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to replicate these results if you’re committed to supporting others!

You won’t get as lonely working solo because you have people who are willing to be there for you. You’ll know people, grow your network, and you’ll have “paid into” the relationship enough to ask for support in the future.  

When you ask somebody how you can support them, most will ask you the same question in return. Have something small that you can ask for (this is great practice for those of us who don’t love asking for help).

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