Abby Grace SpringmannABBY GRACE SPRINGMANN  |  Photographer,  Abby Grace Photography

At first we were hesitant to hire Reina because the monthly rates felt like a big pill to swallow, but it was SO worth it. Because of working with Reina we had a five-figure launch, Matt was able to quit his day job, and now we approach our business from a more strategic standpoint, with higher levels of confidence in both of us in terms of what we’re capable of, and what we’re good at. Reina didn’t just give us answers, but coached us through working them out for ourselves. Additionally, Reina offered an insane amount of accountability. After working with Reina we’re much more strategic and way less flippant, about approaching new projects or ideas. We would recommend working with Reina to anyone who is serious about having a business that works for them.


Mary Beth Storjohann

MARY BETH STORJOHANN  |  CEO & Founder, Workable Wealth

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started with Reina and felt hesitant about working with somebody outside of my industry. But quickly, I learned the power of coaching. I loved the accountability and how present she is with you. I felt more balanced with my family and was able to take time to take care of myself. I sold over 600 books after launching and brought on 8 new clients.  Working with Reina, I felt like she was always in my corner cheering me on.

Karina Metts

KARINA METTS  |  Founder & Lead Photographer,  Metts Photo

When people book a coaching call they probably think they’re paying for the one hour, two hours, or whatever length of time it is. But in reality it’s so much more than just that call time. Reina helped me go from overwhelm to feeling like I can accomplish something great. She gave me the confidence to move forward with clear action steps we put into place. I loved that Reina was straight forward, attentive and had a clear understanding of my vision right away. It was definitely worth the investment.

Kathy Dixon
KATHY DIXON  |  Oh Yes Communications

Reina was able to put words to the positives and negatives I was feeling. I was surprised at how well she guided the conversation so I didn’t spend too much time “explaining” and instead, concentrated on looking for solutions. I got clarity on the evolution our services needed to undergo to get to the next level.  We did a half day intensive and I think entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to travel or do a longer engagement would greatly benefit from a 4-hour brain dump and strategy session around a specific topic or issue. It went by fast and was incredibly productive! Reina identifies themes and patterns and is skilled at asking the right questions to go deeper. I felt leaving confident, able to make decisions and knowing exactly how tomove forward. It has been so freeing!

EMILY CRETELLA |  Cursive Content Marketing +

Reina is wonderful! She’s approachable and is so helpful from both the coaching and the strategy side. I successfully niched my copywriting business, making work/life balance so much more fulfilling while staying profitable, and I was also able to launch a huge passion project of mine. We worked on creating a family-focused business, and to structure my work life so that it better fit my vision for our family.

Amber Housley


At first, I was hesitant about whether the time spent would be fruitful. But since then, I’ve gone on to do some of my best work – Some of the work that I’ve held off on doing for some time that means a lot to me. This work is not only revenue producing, but work that fills me with joy. I feel like I have at least one person who knows all the cards in my hand and can cheer me on when I finally play them, or help me when I get off track. I think Reina’s skills are suited for people who are at higher levels in business who are struggling to find a confidant. There’s such an ease about Reina and it makes uncovering hard topics easier.

Faeda Elliot

FAEDA ELLIOT  |  Owner & Designer, Insquired

Reina has helped me to step back and look at the bigger picture of how my business and life flow together, which allows me to set manageable goals. I have a habit of not wanting to share something until I feel it’s perfect, but working with Reina has taught me to tap into the feeling of what I’m trying to create rather than to strive for perfectionism. So far, I’ve been able to keep the commitments I make to myself in order to achieve my goals.

DANNIE FOUNTAIN |, Marketing Strategist

Reina focuses on more than just business. She helps you to look at yourself as a person and what’s in your heart, too. She helped me figure out my priorities and dreams and based on that, she helped me strategize for a business that felt fulfilling beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve been able to create better processes and practices that allow me to step away from my business. I was booked out for 35 speaking gigs in one year. I narrowed down my service offerings that made it easier for others to know me as the go-to expert. Beyond that, though, I’m healthier and emotionally happier. I recommend working with Reina and that she was the NUMBER ONE investment in my business that took my business from where I was to where I am now.


Katell Schmidt

KATELL SCHMIDT |  Designer, Reverie Lane Designs

With Reina’s support, I launched my online shop. I gained confidence as a business owner and have learned the value I add to my clients through my unique perspective.


Heather Crabtree

HEATHER CRABTREE  |  Business Mentor,

Reina changed my life, not just in my business. She helped me work through the things that I needed to deal with personally and professionally. It was like the sky opened up and the sun shined through the clouds the day I spoke to her for the first time. I hired her on the spot. Reina is a gift to me and so many. She is warm, comforting, and supportive, but also holds you accountable and will also call you on your crap if she needs to. She is an amazing listener and gives very thoughtful advice. She is a gem and I would recommend her to anyone I know!

Brianne Dosier

BRIANNE DOSIER  |  Brightly & Co.

Working with Reina has been a HUGE confidence boost to both myself and my business. She’s helped me gently see my own mental blocks and limiting beliefs and encourages/equips me to move through them with understanding. She’s helped me set better goals and break them down into achievable 90-day chunks. The thing I appreciate the most about Reina is her understanding and encouragement. She meets you where you’re at in business and helps provide you with the structure and encouragement you need to move into that next level. She really is a personal cheerleader, always cheering you to win and achieve the success you’re dreaming of.

HALEY BURKHEAD |  Profit Planner

I’m in the process of scaling my business right now so that I can serve more incredible women and getting to this point was straight strategy. Now that I’m here, I have realized that stuffing more strategy in my brain is not going to get me to the next level I want to be at. There are so many blocks in my mind and my life that were controlling me as if I was a puppet without me even realizing. These blocks were impacting my business decisions, the way I treated people and my personal relationship and how I was approaching life (which all relates back to my business).

Coaching helps you identify which blocks need to be broken down and then helps you break down each one so you don’t have to do it alone. Coaching is a necessary ingredient for abundance. We need someone with a different perspective that truly wants to see us for who we are but also who we want to be. Reina’s style of coaching feels safe and empowering. She helped me unlock a new side of myself that I haven’t seen in awhile. With her guidance I was able to have so much more clarity on the direction of my business, how to consistently feel fulfilled and keep smiling even after I shut my laptop down.

KINSEY ROBERTS |  She Creates Business Podcast

Working with Reina was truly one of the best business investments I’ve ever made. During our work together, we mapped out my entire year. I’ve been much more focused and HAPPY with the direction I’m headed. I was able to map out the plan for my first conference, re-focus my effort so I can work in my zone of genius, and have constantly referred to the plans we created. More than that, as a busy mom, I was able to create real “work hours” for my business. I’d recommend working with Reina to anybody who asks. Particularly if you’re truly ready to invest in yourself and your business, you won’t regret it.

YASMINE KASHEFI | Yasmine Kashefi Consulting

Reina’s ability to approach business from a truly heart-centered perspective is a dream for introverts like me. You can’t work with anyone better! I would 100% recommend Reina to other women who know what they want and maybe know what they need to do, but need to get out of their own heads, get a fresh perspective and look at the bigger picture. After our work together, I feel more empowered to design work around the type of life I want, to disconnect and enjoy my weekends and time away from work.

MARIAH TOMKINSON | Bloom Hustle Grow

Reina’s insightfulness is amazing! She helped me clearly identify strategic struggles and mindset issues that I was using to block my own path. I left our call feeling motivated, confident, and with a clear focus to push forward with my plans. I highly recommend Reina to anyone who is in need of clarity, strategic action, and feedback to help them move forward in their business.

JEN HATZUNG |  Abundant Affirmations

Reina’s insightfulness is amazing! She helped me clearly identify strategic struggles and mindset issues that I was using to block my own path. I left our call feeling motivated, confident, and with a clear focus to push forward with my plans. I highly recommend Reina to anyone who is in need of clarity, strategic action, and feedback to help them move forward in their business.

GEOMYRA LEWIS |  Geomyra Lewis Weddings & Events

The audience LOVED Reina! She brought a ray of sunshine, encouragement, and positivity to the Enriched + Encouraged Intensive. She was exactly what the attendees needed, she pushed them to dream bigger, put a plan in place and reminded them that the impossible, is possible. Reina exceeded all expectations and continues to remain involved with the attendees through social media and accountability efforts. If you are looking for a passionate, authentic, knowledgeable, relatable speaker and coach, Reina is your girl

Abby Jiu |  Abby Jiu Photography

I started working with Reina when I was looking to up my game and didn’t know exactly what that looked like for my business. Reina helped me pinpoint areas of opportunity to make my business better. By working with Reina I was able to improve my customer process and experience, offer a mentorship program, and increase my overall visibility. I would recommend working with Reina for a solid approach that gets results.

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