I’m Reina

Coach for the right brained and heart centered small business owner. I want to help you profit + serve with your business.

If you’ve ever felt icky or unsure about how to sell in your business. If you’ve ever just thought, “all I want to do with my business is to help people.” If you’ve ever felt like you were constantly spinning your wheels. You’re in the right place. I think we’ll get along!

I think we’ll get along!

I want your business to be a gift for your life. You can make money doing what you’re passionate about so that you can do more of what matters (like travel, to become debt free, to be more creative…).

Reina Pomeroy is the Coach for Right-brained, Heart-Centered

creative Business Owners who are tired of spinning their wheels.

Through her binge-worthy Podcast, blog posts, Facebook community, mastermind groups and trainings, she’s here to show you just how you can make money by doing what you love so you can live with more freedom and creativity. As a speaker and educator, she has traveled to connect with people in the creative community all across the country. Her work has been featured on Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and on over 30 chart-topping podcasts. When she’s not teaching small business owners how to profit and serve, you’d likely find her with her camera snapping photos or lacing up her ice skates to hit the ice. No need to compromise running a heart-centered business for the sake of profit because now, you can do both. Learn how at reinaandco.com.

  • Hobbies

    Ice Skating
    Hand Lettering
  • Fun
    Fact 1:

    My favorite color is every color in a sunrise
  • Business Motto

    Life's too damn short not to love every single day
  • Fun
    Fact 2:

    My favorite word is equanimity. When I met that word, it was love at first sight. It means “clarity and calm in the midst of chaos and confusion.” So good, right?
  • Values

    Heart-Centered, Community, Service, Intention, FUN!, Inclusion.
  • Mom
  • Shameless Self Care

    Solo Dates (Movies by myself)
  • Secondary Values

    Heart-Centered, Community, Service, Intention, FUN!, Inclusion.
  • La croix and candy obsessed
  • Fun
    Fact 3:

    The people I’d love to invite to my Power Dinner: Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Brené Brown, Malala Yousafzai , Reese Witherspoon, Ellen DeGeneres.
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Who we serve

Let me tell you about Visionary Jordan. She’s who we build everything inside of Reina + Co for.

✓ She is a total creative.
✓ She’s constantly spinning her wheels and doesn’t know what to focus on next.
✓ She has a lot to-do lists and a bunch of half completed projects.
✓ She wants to know she’s making a difference.
✓ Gets excited in the moment and says “YES” and sometimes regrets it later.
✓ Super diligent and hard worker.
✓ She values: Creativity, Family, Freedom, Working Hard, Fun.

If this sounds like you, we've built resources just for you.

About Life + Biz Success Coaching ®

Coaching is a powerful process that can help you to dig deeper and unlock your own answers. It’s not always about fixing a problem but a process to help you feel understood and able to have all your resources at your disposal in order to make changes or take action.

Whether it’s business challenges and frustrations you might be feeling (because, I know, there are a lot of them in business!), or life issues that crop up, coaching is a resource that helps you to see the world with more clarity and confidence. With the Life + Biz Success Coaching model, we’re interested in helping you uncover any roadblocks to your success, then create a plan toward your goals, and create accountability toward your goals.



What else fuels us? Curious?

Our big ‘WHY’!

“I was put on this Earth to help people feel seen, heard, validated, and understood. We could all use a little more of this in our lives.”

The Reina + Co’s + Co symbolizes the community we all crave. You belong here. You can sit with us.