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Guest Post
3 Things You Really Need to Do To Get Visible

3 Things You Really Need to Do To Get Visible


Guest Post by: Ashley Gartland, business coach for creative and service-based entrepreneurs

When you’ve got a message to share, a product or service to sell or a movement you want to lead, you have to get comfortable getting visible. We all know that. And yet, the process and practice of getting visible isn’t always as easy as it looks.  

The women I work with tell me this all the time. They know they need to start sharing their message and their work so they can make an impact with their business, and in their bottom line.

And yet, they aren’t taking action because they don’t think they’re ready to get visible just yet. They say they need to find their voice first. Or that they need to map out the perfect business strategy before they can start guest blogging or posting in Facebook groups or pitching interviews to their favorite podcasts.

But here’s the honest truth: the thing they actually need to do to get visible is start working on their mindset. Because getting visible isn’t just about knowing what to share and how to share it. It’s also about understanding why you aren’t taking action to execute what you already know.

When it comes to addressing your mindset in the visibility arena, there are three specific things successful creatives and entrepreneurs do to get visible with greater ease. I’m sharing these things with you today so you can learn from their approach and start getting visible with your own products, services or message now.

  1. They recognize that it’s not about finding a perfect business strategy.

Let’s be honest here: If there were a perfect business strategy, you would have found it already. Because you’ve gathered tons of advice and how-to guides through webinars and podcasts and freebies and blog posts. People who are successful at getting visible don’t waste time hunting for one perfect strategy because they know it doesn’t exist. Instead they educate themselves (within reason), then focus their energy on dealing with their mindset so they can execute what they already know.

  1. They do the work to uncover their doubts, fears and limiting beliefs.

People who play a strong visibility game are aware of their doubts, fears and limiting beliefs and they recognize when their thoughts hold them back from getting visible. That means they acknowledge self doubt and fear when it shows up. They admit when it’s a confidence issue instead of making excuses (like “I don’t have time”). And they pay attention to the stories they’re telling themselves about themselves so they can ask if they’re actually true.

  1. They question their limiting beliefs + let them go.

Beliefs aren’t fact, and the people who are able to overcome limiting thoughts and get visible know that. They’re willing to look at their limiting beliefs objectively and question if they’re really true. They recognize the cost of continuing to buy into their doubts, fears and negative thoughts, the main one being that they’ll continue hiding their work or message. And then they decide if they’re going to keep believing a thought or let it go so they can create new results in their business and life.

Getting visible will always require effort. But I know you can do it with more confidence and greater ease if you work on your mindset along with that strategy. To get started doing this work on your mindset, I’m sharing my guide to Developing Your Visibility Mindset with you.

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Ashley Gartland is a life and business coach who focuses on mindset and strategy for creative entrepreneurs. After spending more than a decade honing her entrepreneurial skills and getting visible as a writer, editor, author and event planner, her passion today lies in helping mission-driven women create the same opportunities to find fulfillment and success in their own lives. To get Ashley’s free guide, From Stuck to Standing Out: 5 Steps to Get Visible With Greater Confidence and More Ease, click here.

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