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FWH 004: Nobody Wants a Cold Pitch (How to connect with people so you’re the go-to person in their head)

FWH 004: Nobody Wants a Cold Pitch (How to connect with people so you’re the go-to person in their head)

The first email I ever sent about my business went out to about 30 people who I considered my friends and colleagues.

I had a thousand questions running through my head:

  • How do I price myself? Do I do packages? Do I do sessions?
  • How do I take their money? Check would make sense right?
  • Could I do calls via phone? Would that even work?
  • How on earth would people find me? How can I tell people I’m officially in business? Wait, am I officially in business? Or maybe they’re going to tell me that I didn’t do the right paperwork! ACK!

My strategy was a plan that felt in alignment with me. I was going to talk to people. I wanted to get better at talking about my services and my skills. Normal people don’t know anything about the coaching world and it was my first hurdle to even get a chance to talk to people to practice my newly minted coaching skills on. So I made a plan to talk to 5 people every single day (during the week) until I got my first client.

If you’re new in business, you’re probably looking to figure out how you can make more sales in your business. If you’re a little further in, you’re maybe wondering how you can multiply the ones who have been dreamy clients and a bigger volume of them.

This episode we’re diving into the human strategy for how you can make more sales and how you should delete cold pitches from your repertoire. Nobody likes to receive them and it’s easy to avoid – there are so many more effective ways for people to learn about your work.

It’s centered around the concept I call Social Glue. You could distill it down and simply call it “networking” but I think it’s a little more nuanced than going to a networking event, talking about yourself and exchanging business cards. There are also a lot of potentials.

We have created a gift for you!

I created a guide for you that will help you you get on these chats in the first place so you can share about you and your work with a person!  The Social Glue Workbook is yours by going to FWH004 (all one word) to 44222.

This workbook includes:

  • A tracker to help you track your calls and who you can talk to
  • Why you should invest time into Social Glue Connections
  • How to take action and connect with people this way
  • What to do during a call

Grab this Social Glue workbook by texting FWH004 to 44222 or clicking the button below.

Sustainable Habit Builder of the Day:

What to do to connect with somebody who has more to offer than you do?

They have more:

  • Followers
  • Influence
  • Experience
  • Clients
  • Connections

Check your intentions:

Why are you reaching out to them? Do you simply want something from them? Or do you want to connect with them and get to learn more about them?  

Tip #1: Add value

Learn more about their business or work and find out how you can add value to them – do you see a gap that you could give them support in?

Here’s specific things I’ve seen people do that I think are valuable:

  • A VA who notices somebody’s website needs updating and they offer to give somebody a few hours of their time
  • Connecting them with somebody or an opportunity that could benefit their business
  • Sharing a piece of their work with your audience
  • Recommending their product or service
  • Do a free value heavy call to help plan out a months worth of content for all their coordinated marketing efforts

Tip #2: Remember they’re human

Even if they have greater influence, it doesn’t make them any less human. If you are reaching out with authentic intentions, you’ll help them feel encouraged even if they don’t respond to you.

NO cold pitches.

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