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The 3 Self Doubt Slayers that Every Creative Needs in Biz

You’re what stands between you and what you want.

Self-doubt is a doozy. In lots of domains of your life, you might feel like you’re a pretty confident person. You’re a good partner, you dabble at cooking, you are a great friend, you’re highly motivated and have lots of strongly formed opinions.

But when it comes to your business, you tend to shrink up.

Am I good enough to charge people for this?

Will they want to work with me?

What will people think of me?

Who am I to reach out to her?

This domain has a tendency to turn confident, powerful, brave women into a less desirable, scared version of themselves.

Here I talked a little bit about the anatomy of fear. It’s something that’s built inside of us and we’re just prone to it. What we’ll talk about today is how you can manage that fear and self-doubt and turn it into something more productive.

A Quick Peptalk

I’ve had the honor of talking to a LOT of women in business. Most of them (including myself) have experienced bouts of self-doubt. The difference between people who “make it” and people who don’t isn’t whether people have the hater voice in our head, it’s what we decide to do about it. Will you stop because of the voices? Or will you move forward, taming the self-doubt, ultimately building up your self-confidence?

You have the ability to choose. Choose action over self-doubt. Confidence comes from taking action.

Doubt Slayers: What do I do?!

Doubt Slayers #1: Create a judge free zone

Start by noticing when you’re having “one of those moments” when you’re feeling fear creep up. It’s when those nagging voices start telling you that you can’t. Create a judge free zone of “what if” rather than the norm of “I can’t.” The feeling of “what if” is one of abundance. It gives us the freedom to play. It gives the permission to try something and make a mistake. The mindset of abundance shifts your headspace to a place of limitless possibilities.

Creating a judge free zone means that you can start looking at the thing that you’re scared of and say, “what if this does work?” rather than your nagging feeling of, “well that’s bound to fail!”

Cultivate a mindset of “what if” rather than anticipating that something will fail.

Doubt Slayers #2: Know what your fear looks like

Okay, this might sound really strange but we’re going to try an exercise to create your fear in a physical form. It’s like your fear personified. You could have one or multiple (I have a few different ones).

Coming up with an actual animate or inanimate object that embodies your fear is powerful because you can address this fear directly. When it’s just another contending thought in your head, your thoughts become jumbled and it makes us think that that fear response is a logical part of our brain.

HOW TO: I created a short lesson for you where I walk you through how to do this exercise on your own!
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Reina + Co Fear

Illustration by Caitlin Baumberger of Happy Tines for Reina + Co

Doubt Slayers #3: Affirm Your Strengths

When something is troubling us, we have a tendency of catastrophize things (what I mean by that is: One person says no to working with you so you go down the dark spiral of “nobody ever wants to work with me because I’m such a worthless creative!” Boy, that escalated quickly!). When that happens a quick trip to diffuse it is by affirming what you’re good at.

Remind yourself about the things you’re competent, wonderful, strong at in the same domain as your concern. Try to validate your talents and your skills as well as your personality traits (like being a hard worker or being resourceful). Building yourself up is a key to creating a resilient mindset!

Snag your free workbook on Doubt Slayers and audio on how to go through the above exercise!
>> Get access to the audio and the workbook here!

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