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25 Creative Ways to Make Money Now

25 Creative Ways to Make Money Now

As entrepreneurs, making money is the lifeblood of how we survive (and thrive). It’s important to plan out the money, know where most of it’s coming from, and to budget it. Sometimes, though, that planning doesn’t pan out and we need new and creative ways of generating revenue quickly without the “I launched my new course and it made 100k in 2 days” messaging that you detest. While it makes you cringe a little to think that you want to make more money, you providing value and getting paid for that is what Heart Centered Biz Bosses are ALL ABOUT!

Today, I wanted to give you 25 of my favorite ways that I have infused my business with a little extra cash (and some tools that have become my favorite offers and have become a staple in my business).

  1. Turning a series of content into one beautifully laid-out and designed e-book.
  2. Selling some of your time and creating a specific result for your client.
  3. Having a flash sale of something that’s passive.
  4. Having an exclusive sale for your email list.
  5. Grouping a few products together and pushing it out as a bundle.
  6. Create an offer around something you’ve already taught before.
  7. Turn a live training into a passive product and focus on pushing it out.
  8. Anniversary, birthday, my dog’s adoption-versary – any excuse to promote a sale.
  9. JV Webinar – you bring the product, your collaborator brings the audience. You split the profits 50/50.
  10. A pop up product or service. Something you don’t always offer but you know people need.
  11. Done for you service that doesn’t require you to be on a call at the same time.
  12. Following up with potential clients and actually assertively selling your services.
  13. Raise your prices.
  14. Promote affiliate products that feel in line with your business and your client’s needs.
  15. Offering Intensives. You are on a call with somebody for a while and getting through a problem they’re having.
  16. On-call service offering. For one month people can tap you on the shoulder and ask you to do work for a certain amount of hours.
  17. Time-bound product sale.
  18. Creating a specific offer for a group of people who you’ve been in contact with who can use your product/service.
  19. (Not exactly in your business) Declutter stuff from your home.
  20. Create a tutorial video for your favorite software tools that you’re an affiliate for and promote that.
  21. Whatever you’ve already created, promoting that.
  22. Leverage relationships with Brands that want written content. Yes, organizations pay to have you write for them.
  23. Take a challenge you’ve created and turn it into a product that you sell as a mini-course or a drip email course.
  24. Offer a bonus on top of something you’re offering.
  25. Beta service to try something out!
  26. Bonus: Making an intro between somebody who needs something and a tool/resource/course/person. I love having this kind of thing in one place. My resources library lives here.

We’re offering a Cash Injection challenge that will help you implement the strategies I use in my business to increase the cash flow in my business in a Heart-Centered way. If you want to make more money without the guilt and ick. You totes can!  By investing in a 4 day challenge, it will help you figure out how use the repeatable Cash Injection Process to increase your revenue in a heart-centered way!

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